Testing different flavors? How you guys do it?

Hey guys I’m planning on making many different recipes, so I will have to test all of them at different steps of the steeping process.

I understand that dripping is probably a good option, but still having to rewick / change de Cotton can be a “PITA”.

I eard it was possible to drip without cotton / wick. Is this possible?

How you guys do?


Hello @Marcil802, Here is a link to a thread with similar question.

Changing your wicks is not hard. Maybe the first time or 3, but after that it will become very easy.
Since it is black friday weekend, consider buying a big bag of cotton, and also some Rayon (can be as cheap as $2 USD for a 10 foot long bag from Sally’s Beauty - Cotton Bacon is around $2-$6 for an 18" bag)

Hope this helps ! I am sure when everyone wakes up, they will help you too.
Good luck and have fun !


You are right, changing the wick isn’t hard, but testing 15 to 20 juice every day, working 60 to 70 hours/weeks, and having 2 kids can be very time consuming.
That’s why I’m looking for a time efficient way to taste many different recipes.
Thanks for the video link I will watch it once I get home


I will drop on a wickless coil on my RDA. I also save all the trimmings from wicking and put them in the coil when testing. Just enough to fit in the coil. Drip, vape a few times, maybe drip and vape a few more times, take the trimming out, quick dry burn, and put another trimming in for a new flavor.


I’d recommend simplifying your approach. If you don’t have time to sit down and test 15 different recipes as often during the steeping process as you’d like, you just don’t have to do that. You can test them at 1 week, 2 weeks, a month, etc. Nobody really needs to know what happens on days 2 and 4, or 6.
You could also stick with your top 5 recipes that really have you intrigued first, then make the next 5 a week or two later.
I have work and family, too, so I usually bring 2 or 3 flavors to work with me and either use an RDA (druga) and drip, or run them right through my RTA (avocado), back to back. As long as the tank runs dry, after you refill it, it will eventually take over the wick and taste true. Not very scientific, but close enough for me. Im not trying to start a company with a lab, so close is all I need for testing. I don’t rewick until my wick gets worn out or my coils get too black.
It varies from person to person, you’ll find the method that works best for your lifestyle. Asking advice like you are here is a great way to figure it out. Happy mixing!


Sadly there is nothing super quick about testing 20 juices in a single sitting.

That being said, using trimmings is a good idea.

But to be honest. I test just like I vape. If I am truely in test mode I’ll only mix up about 10mls for basic single/dual flavor tests (like one fruit plus one cream like fresh cream fa). And I’ll vape the whole mix over two days. I may make an adjustment, but it’s rare.

That’s the beauty of the other side of the site. The data is there, you just need to interpret the information. Over time you’ll learn how certain fruits sit on top in the first week or so, but settle in the mix at 3-4 weeks. You’ll learn that cream “x” needs at least two weeks in a simple mix and 4 weeks in a more complicated mix to make a determination. The list goes on.

Furthering the point…I’ve ordered 8 new flavors. I’m not going to do sf tests (well maybe 1 or 2 because the nature of the flavor like ozone fa with buried flavor notes)…rather, I have recipies in mind from other comments. I’ll rebuild the recipies based on the knowledge of flavors I know and see how it goes. Rarely do I ever make a mix that needs to be dumped.


Might sound strange but when trying out a recipe creation I usually finger taste as I go along.
Not totally bullet proof but provides myself with a great indication of where the recipe is heading.


I understand how my question may have sounded stupid, but just having the idea how other people do helps alot making my own way to do.

All the answers were great and I very appreciate your time answering. Even mixing your ideas could be the solution I’ll use :blush:.

I will receive a whole lot of flavour this week to get started with so I’m trying to get mentally ready :joy:.

Hopefully some more people will answer with more ways to do it.

Thanks guys :hugs:


For a really quick test I just use a dual Clapton coil RDA, no wick.
It holds enough juice for a couple of puffs, which gives me an idea of the mix flavour.


It goes without saying that children and job are priority.
And 15-20 juices a day? Maybe I’m not understanding your goals here, but that’s just ridiculous! Start by cutting those down. This is something that you’ll ultimately have to figure out for yourself because it seems your plate is already full.


My first tests of new flavors are always a couple of drops in 10 - 20 ml of water, mix, sip and spit. I’ll then vape it. I start most new recipes like this too. It doesn’t translate to vaping flavor perfectly, particularly with creams and some bakery stuff, but its a great way to pair flavors and get a fair idea of what ratios will work best.


You don’t really need to change the wick between each flavour, at least I never do. Just vape a few drops of unflavoured base in the RDA to flush out the old flavour, and/or vape your tests in order, starting with the more subtle flavours and ending with the darker and more dominating flavours that don’t flush out so easily.

In fact, I will go as far as saying that changing your wicks can be outright counter-productive. A new wick needs to be broken in to get rid of the cotton taste, and not doing so will “pollute” your test more than any lingering flavour that didn’t clean out with the base liquid.


Lol, let me explain, I’m not trying to start a lab :rofl: but last week once I decided to make my own juice I went on and have searched the clones of all my favourite juices.

Then while adding flavors to my cart I kinda went crazy and ordered quite a bunch :rofl: I ended up with 57 if the most used / highest rating flavours on this site :no_mouth:

So I figured I’d make the clones as early as possible then I’d my many many choices :confused:

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He he, I have never ordered more than 10 flavours at the same time. Just doing 57 single flavour test, which you really do need to do, would probably kill me.


This is exactly why I’m looking to options, like the ones stated by other members,

1- not trimming
2- wickless coils
3- testing less often / alternate
4- dual Clapton no cotton
5- finger test

Using all those methods is what I will do,
So much learning when starting from scratch :drooling_face::grin:


I test using the same tank(s) as I vape with regularly but I wick with hemp because hemp doesn’t hold residual flavor like cotton does. Once the tank is dry or close to it, I can refill with the new flavor and in 2 puffs the old flavor is gone. I tried dripping in an RDA to test but found it works better for me to vape 2-3ml of a recipe so as to really get a good idea of what it tastes like and how it’s evolving over time. I also dissolve a drop or 2 of flavoring into a shot glass of water and drink it to get an idea of what that flavor might do in a mix. Like @cooper1 said, it doesn’t translate perfectly to vaping but it does give you a good idea of where the flavor is at.


What’s hemp?

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@Tworrs thanks alot, just tried 3 different juices within 5 minutes,
Juices I know alot that I love,
using The Goon RDA
With double Clapton at the 0.30 ohm
At 85w
Got super great and accurate taste,

Getting about 3 puffs from about 2 drops per coils.
Then burn red rince and try a new juice.

Your solution was the simplest but for me the best.
This build will stick to my testing built. Qq

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I very pleased that it works for you as well @Marcil802

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