Testing flavours

hi guys ive only been mixing a few months and just wondering wot others do when their testing flavours they have made. I use a dripper and change cotton with every flavour change. cud I vape say 100%vg to cleanse the wick to save on the time it takes to rewick I have a 15 run of mixes to test soon

Yeah, that’d probably be the easiest thing to do between flavor changes. I don’t typically change wicks or anything. It seems like old flavors are out within a couple pulls, so I quit bothering. LoL. I use hemp in my dripper and it clears out really quickly, also, so I don’t worry about it as much as I did when I was using cotton.


I’ve got the same experience as @JoJo. With the hemp I find flavors have mostly cleared after one fill of the dripper. The very worst I had required filling the dripper twice. It depends on your tolerance for a mixture of the two flavors though. I have had a couple where I have considered re-wicking. . .but you really get used to not having to do it and then become lazy.

If I am testing multiple juices I test them in an order so the next in line is closest in flavor to the juice before it. I don’t change cotton. You never know when you might discover blending two recipes is a whole new recipe.

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