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Testing for Salt Nic

Hello, I hope someone will give me some advice, please. I am happily and so far successfully (beginners luck) making DIY liquid for myself and friends. My preferred vape is a pod vape, MTL with 50:50 salt nic (Voopoo Drag Nano and Finic Fish) amongst others. I do also make 60:40 & 70:30 for friends. I have no way of testing small batches as I cannot buy a new pod for every 50:50 (or 60:40 depending on pod/coil Ω) salt nic recipe I try, and even if I did I still cannot test the 70:40 liquids in my pods. I presume I need some kind of drip(?) device, especially for testing. While I am a fast learner I only started vaping in Feb this year so when it comes to hardware you can see I am pretty clueless. I am not a cloud chaser, stealth vaping is more my thing, but somehow I need the best of both worlds for testing to try and please all the people all the time. Thanks so much :crossed_fingers:


Are you look8ng for a RDA to test with ??? Sorry but I read twice and don’t see what your asking for… Yes Rdas are the easiest thi g to test recipes on , however you really need to test MTL or Pod Recipes in a similar device in my opinion …I dnot vape MTL.or Pods . I do mix for other people that use them and I have used RDAs by closing off airflow and taking the Power down. This is probably not the best way to test butbit has worked lol


Just like what @fidalgo_vapes said there, if you want to mix for pod, it would be much better to use pod to test it. If you could get the RBA for such pod, that’d be better. Furthermore, each pod vapes differently. Most lacks flavour, while some are on par with most sub ohm tanks. If you know what your friend’s using, If possible, you could borrow it to test.


Same here.

Reading the thread title, my first thought was testing the amount of nic (read as: titration), in which case, the last I knew was there currently is no way to titrate nic salts.

Now if the OP is talking about flavor testing… Are we talking about FLAVORS or testing the VG/PG ratio for a device type?

  1. Need one each RDA,could read:
  2. How to build coil and wick it, could read:
  3. How to test, could read:
    Why Test Single Flavors?
    Short cut to mixing your own flavors, could read:

What you need is a rebuildable pod system. I like the Jester by Vapefly. It’s one coil and you could easily replace cotten. For testing you wouldn’d fill the resevoir but just get the cotten soaked.

Or you could go with a MTL RDA (Mouth to Lung Rebuildable Dripping Atamizer) like the Boomstick Reaper.


Flavour testing


@Gina6 sending you a warm welcome your in the best place to learn everything you need to know about mixing your own juice


Ahh ok. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re a fellow perfectionist!

I know there are few folks here who mix for others as a matter of routine… But I think even they will tell you that you’re asking the impossible “to try and please all the people all the time.”
It simply is not possible.

They are going to have to work with you (with enough feedback, and helpful information) as you try and work with them, on finding what flavors they prefer as well as the percentages for their devices.

There’s simply no simple “quick fix”.
It’s going to take more trial and error mixing for others than what it will take for just mixing for yourself. And that’s a tall enough order!

I’m not saying don’t do it (or even, that you shouldn’t be doing it), I’m saying that you are increasing your workload exponentially. (And that’s fine, as long as you understand that, and are willing to do it!)


Thanks, I just thought it would be really nice to at least try and taste test as I go along - it means I get to taste things I would not have bothered to make for myself - if for no other reason than to find out what makes them so popular. A good example is this rebel everyone wants - thanks to friends here I have a recipe that everyone loves - but I have still never tasted it - not even the original - I don’t like Red Bull so I doubt I would like this but you never know… I have made enquiries about that Vapefly Jester but can only import and the cost of delivery is more than the device! Also, they do not intend to restock - so how great a seller could it have been? Maybe there is a new one coming. Were it not for COVID 19 I could just taste on their devices - but the world has changed…


I primarily get berries and fruits from it (the actual soda [original blue can], not a flavor). The most interesting thing to me about it, is that it’s a whole different experience between when it’s ice cold, and room temp!

I love the stuff when it’s ice cold, but I almost won’t touch the stuff when it’s warm/room temp.

So there’s another little added bit of complexity (just for that one mix) for you. :laughing:
Do they like it warm, ice cold, or somewhere in between? :crazy_face:
And then there’s the whole “do I need to add WS-23” (or other cooling agent) if they answer ice cold?

As long as you can find what makes them “happy enough” to stay off the cigs, you’ve done a good job IMO!

This hobby (like any) can devour you. Or it can be an enjoyable and continuing learning experience!
You choose, and you have the control! :wink: