Testing Nic level at home

Hey y’all not a beginner mixer but defiantly first time here w/ testing Nic level at home. How important is the cleaning of all the material with distiller water. I only have about 45 mls left. Any pointers I got instructions but they’re lengthy. I’m going to attempt to test vaperstek 100mg/ml as well as nude 36mg/ml. Tia Amy!

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It seems I had enough but not enough to test another batch so I tested vaperstek since more potent it came out to approx. 97.38 mg/ml sweet ! Not 200mg/ml lol !!!


Yea yea !!!


That don’t sound like an accident on there part, so far off. Anyone else test there nic. I’m going to test wl and carolinaxtract when I get mine.

Oh wait was it suppose to be 200 or 100? If it’s suppose to be 100 then never mind. Sorry went back and re read your post.

Ha ! Funny

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