Testing with water?

i am trying to educate myself on mixing (diy). i started some easy flavors. eh its ok. i want to get better and i guess that comes with time. my question is What or how do you test a flav. with water?
how does this work and what is the point? i assume so you dont waste pg or vg or nic.

Me and my wife did some testing with water. we put 1 drop of each flavor we thought we wanted to try in 1 cup (measured cup) of water. Then did it like a wine tasting. Smelled it, tasted, swished, and spit. We came up with a few flavors that way, but I have not done this since.
As I have mixed more and more (only a few months now) I have found that the best way for me to learn is to just trial and error. The water tasting does not tell you if the flavor is on the inhale/exhale or how rich and full it is. A example would be vape wizard, ry4 double, and cream. In water it tastes like stale cigar with a chocolate scent. Vaping it was completely differant, but not good IMHO.

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