Text Formatting in Recipe Notes on ELR

Hi all, not sure where to post this one, so I have taken a punt on feedback, in case what I’m asking about isn’t actually a thing. Of course, feel free to move it if there is a more appropriate spot!

As we know, formatting is particularly important when it comes to ingredients in a recipe. However, I also think it is important for the notes and description section to be easy to read, especially for those public recipes where you are writing a few paragraphs or more, on specific flavour notes and etc. (I can blab on a bit)

So I am trying to find out some information on formatting text (and the occasional image) in the description when you go to post a recipe on ELR. This would hopefully increase the readability of text, help readers to distinguish between paragraphs and easily pick out the parts they want to read. Versus disregarding a long chunk of text as a whole. You feel me?

As the text section is rather small in width, paragraphs get chunky and text appears long pretty quickly. This can be off-putting, can’t it. What I want to know is if there are any tricks to formatting? I have tried some HTML which didn’t appear to work. Is there a way to bold, italic, or underline text? Change it’s colour or size? I see you can insert an image. But is there a way to adjust it’s size? How about hyperlinks, is it possible to insert a hyperlink with text other than the URL? aaand I think that’s about all.

If this is not a possibilty, perhaps it is something that could be considered for implementing in the future? Say an option to format HTML, or a basic version text editor? Just like how this text input field here allows it. I don’t know, what do others think? Any tips?

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I think it’s a good idea. But unless the devs can make it idiot-proof (knowledge of coding not required) I can’t see it happening.

Plus they’re already busy working on the upgrade for the flavor name debacle, right? RIGHT??


I would use an app to create custom text and image then upload it all as an image, I know it’s a pita but if you want to spend a little time and get fancy it’s a nice touch, @authormichellehughes does a nice job with her recipe images!

Here’s a quick draft I just did;


I use Canva for my photo recipes (a free program) then upload them to imgur and copy/paste the Bcc code

Unicorn (7)

I download free pictures using pixabay so I’m not copyright infringing


And always very well done Michelle :+1:
Really very enjoyable to view, too bad I’m always missing just one flavor :cry:


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You can go to the recipe page and search for all the coffee recipes you want. Public ones, that is.


Welcome to ELR @YeseniaDHubble,
Here’s a link to Coffee recipes on the recipe page:


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You need to download imagur post your pic or load it under private then copy it do what you want with it.


@cxxxxp I don’t know if this will help, and I have zero first-hand experience.

This forum is built with Discourse forum builder software. I don’t know if the recipe side is built with Discourse?

I read that user created plug-ins were a forethought for the design of Discourse. You can write Java script and make json calls that interface with the Discourse API. You would have to be issued a “key” from the admin in order to activate a user written plug-in. Perhaps a plug-in could be made to allow for some text formatting.

My initial guess is that the recipe side is written separately from Discourse and is called via a java.json plug-in.

This example is typed in as shown below but without the ”\" escape character

  • This forum discussion seems to accept Git Markup markdown symbols to provide some formatting capabilities.

* This **forum discussion** seems to accept *Git ~~Markup~~ markdown symbols* to provide some formatting capabilities.


Discourse API Documentation (latest)