Tfa blueberry wild

Hi could you awesome people tell me a good tfa blueberry wild recipes as iv had 100ml of lying around in my cupboard and cant seem ti do anything with it thanks much appreciated


Hi ! Do you perhaps have Blueberry Extra ? If so those 2 are made 4 each other !

I tend to use BB wild as a mixer and honestly don’t think I have ever had it as the main top note for a BB juice, not that it couldn’t be. I’d say you’ll need it to be around 6-7% in order to achieve that note that is why BB extra is great to have so you don’t have to use the BB wild so high you could have BB wild at 4-5% and have the extra at 2-4% to be the sweeter berry in the mix.


If you look it up in the flavor database and click on “Recipes” you can see all of the public recipes that use it. Maybe one of those will give you some inspiration! :slight_smile:


You’d need Toasted Marshmallow but here’s a top recipe for BBW I have in a tank on my desk

Super Easy and clean

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@Rhys_Hott92, i mixed BB with some cooler (not mint), and it was nice as a simple, quick vape.
use the ratio to your liking for both… i kept the cooler at 1%

it’s sweet, refreshing, and brings to memory the flavor of fruity sweets or gums from decades ago…

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Could i sub it with tpa marshmallow

@Rhys_Hott92 you could but the “toast” is like a little carbon bite that tames the BB. It would be good with just marshmallow but maybe bland. Make a 10ml test