TFA Butterscotch 2

I’m shortly going to place my second Chefs order and noticed they stock TFA Butterscotch 2.
I sure I read somewhere that this is another true V2 and not their DX version, similar in idea to their Vanilla Custard 2.
Considering how much I enjoy the custard I’m extremely tempted to give this one a rattle too in the hope it pleases me in a similar way.

I’ve searched on the google webby thing and now can’t seem to see any opinions on it.
Can I ask if anyone has tried it and if so what their thoughts on it are please?

Obviously I searched on here too to the best of my limited ability and come up with zilch so I apologise if this has been mentioned before but I am an electronic numpty.


@Gazza7 it appears to be very new, and there isn’t even much info on TPA’s website. Because it’s not listed as a DX, your assumptions are correct that the “2” is indeed a “2”. If you like TPA’s Butterscotch, I’m sure picking it up would suit you.


I think it’s calling me.

And so is chefs.
Quite handy when you consider I can answer both calls with one targeted swoop.


Doesn’t seem to be much experience for this one which is no doubt due to it being fairly new as @SessionDrummer points out.
As long as it’s available in the next week or so I’ll grab it and post an opinion.

As a side note has anyone else noticed that chefs don’t list percentage recommendations against some of the manufacturers offerings?

Not a complaint as there’s generally plenty of information available nowadays but just an observation. I was just wondering if that was by choice on their part.


That might be because they now put links under each flavour they sell that takes you directly to the ELR notes section of that particular flavour where the percentages are found.


They don’t want to link to my notes on Fantasy Pineapple Fizz as it’s hardly complimentary!


I didn’t know that. How cool