TFA Jack fruit makes me Cough WTF!

I mixed up a TPA Jack fruit single flavor and it’s like vaping a paper towel!
it’s so dry in my throat that it makes me cough I have tried different % of flavor and every batch gets the same out come, I cough and this is the only juice that I have made that dose this . Now as I am typing this I just had an idea…
maybe some INW cactus would fix the dryness hmm… wish I knew about the cactus back then I just got some last week any suggestions out there?

INW Cactus is an excellent choice at .5-1 % imo to juice it up a little - you could also try some TPA Smooth.


Thanks I will give it a try!:+1:

This will help you :slight_smile: @Steve-o_54

Thank you!
(will I need to let it steep for a few more days once i add the cactus?)

You’re welcome! If you have any questions you can message me personally or here :slight_smile:

Smooth. Yes, what he said.

I did both smooth and cactus
:+1: much better!

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Some fruits make me cough. You can try adding the cactus, but that is another one that makes people cough (myself included). You can also try adding a drop or two of Pyure liquid stevia. It tames juices like this down for me.

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lol, this thread just reminded me I have some actual jack fruit in the fridge I need to eat.

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