TFA Lime Flavor Question

I have two recipes that I use the TFA lime in, after they steep for a few days they taste fantastic for the first two or three vapes then all of a sudden there is a harsh burning feeling whenever you vape them. I’ve tried different coils, lower power, different mods, and even using only 25% of the original amount used (5%) of the total mix in each one. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions. Would MTS or Smooth help this issue?

I have had terrible luck with lime recipes myself, they end up tasting like bug spray :-)… Bums me out because I love Key Lime Pie.

I put 3-4 drops of smooth in any recipe I have with “acidic” berries. It gives stuff a nice mouth feel. My experience with MTS is that is makes my recipes taste like MTS and I don’t like the taste of the stuff.

I dont know if that helps, I hope so!

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Thanks, it does help. I have used smooth in a couple, and have purchased a small bottle of MTS, but was warned of it’s odd flavor by someone else so I haven’t as of yet tried it. Have you ever used the Tahiti lime by FA? Someone suggested that to me, but I haven’t tried it yet. Someone else suggested cold pressed lime. Thanks again.


That’s what I have that taste like bug spray. It gets good reviews on ECX and some people do really like it but I can’t make it work for me.

Could it be that the lime isn’t dispersed uniformly in the juice and you’re getting zapped by a little pure flavoring? It probably has a little lime oil in it, and that stuff is powerful.

I used to use a fair amount of TFA Lime in my mojito recipe. I added Lime to the mix bottle along with 5% PGA (190 proof Everclear), shook it up and let it stand overnight before adding the rest of the ingredients. Who knows, might help.

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I use vodka in all my mixes and heat them to bind flavor to the VG and thoroughly mix but letting it settle in overnight before adding other flavor is an idea I will try!

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I have mixed the flavors and half of the VG shook like crazy, hit the UC for a couple rounds shook some more then finished mixing and steeped for what started to be a week shook tried wasn’t happy steeped another week no luck then left for 2 weeks still the same. At this point It has been over 6 weeks and much much mixing to no avail. So I’m at a loss.

Well, that pretty much eliminates mixing as a factor.

There must be something in the lime flavoring that you’re sensitive to. You’re fine for two or three vapes, then BAM it hits you in the taste buds.

Got any FA Magic Mask?

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I’d definitely consider getting a better lime. From what I understand, Lime Tahity is like lime juice while cold pressed is like lime zest? Might consider Flavorah lime as well. It’s pretty potent, though. A drop will do. Good luck! I hate when I just cannot get a flavor to work. For the record, I don’t like TPA’s key lime or their lemon lime. Maybe they just don’t do lime very well. LoL

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