TFA Rainbow Drops

Anyone else think TFA Rainbow Drops tastes like rubbing alcohol? I have tried letting it steep longer, letting it breathe, mixing it with other flavors and I can’t get that to go away. If you have any help to get rid of the rubbing alcohol taste I would definitely try that!


Notes from @Alisa

Rainbow Drops flavoring is just about pure alcohol. ahhaa. I made some ejuice called ‘Skittle Drops’ on 11-1-15. Tried it again on 12-26-15, and it still tastes somewhat of alcohol. It has definitely gotten better over time, and does taste of the candy it’s supposed to, but very frustrating.


I don’t know if this helps (probably not…) but once I bought a bottle of premade juice somewhere called rainbow drops. Rubbing alcohol is totally what I got from it. I’m guessing that it was made out of tpa rainbow drops. It was nasty so I threw it in a drawer, tried it months later and it was still gross. So… If it’s the same flavor there might not be much hope for it. Then again, could’ve been something different.

See? Tons of help… :laughing:


wait…you tasted alcohol so you…threw it…in a drawer…??:astonished:

I don’t understand…


i dont get an alcohol tatse but , i was making skittles and it never seemed to taste right so i bought FW skits i used both the skits and drops together still not that great then i eliminated the drops and i have a very close skittles

FW skits
FA fuji apple
TPA sour
sweet and tart i forget manufacturer

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Dude. Rubbing alcohol is quite different. :wink:


Yea I bought some from my local vape shop I think it was leprechaun blood that was supposed to taste like skittles and it tasted exactly like this does so I bet it is the same stuff. It is gross no matter how much of it you use. I think I will open the bottle and let it breathe for a few days, if that doesn’t work then I just won’t use that flavor anymore.

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tpa rainbow drops is a fine flavor. it blends well with grape, cherry, lemon, lime, strawberry but has to breathe due to the ethyl alcohol. so yes indeedy, take the cap off and let the alcohol evaporate. i let mine breathe out of several days to a week

Very interesting, you may have saved me some money good sir (Though I may still buy both, lol). I will have to try the FW Skits as well.

I’m trying to find good fruits to pair with skittles before I get the main concentrate.

I see you use Fuji, do you find it is harsh or tastes like alcohol? It does after mixing, does this go away? It tastes good otherwise.

Also, do you find that TPA Sour does anything? I have used it many times, many ways and have never found it does anything.

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it doesny give a sour tasye that makes your mouth pucker but it gives that tang taste in skittles once you have them all chewed up together , as for the fuji i use that at 2.5 or 3% ill look but for me there isnt an alcohol tatse but i let everything sit except when first made to see if it even tatse anything like it but the apple taste really stands out for me while eating real skittles that is why i use fuji i tried green apple tpa and that one is very bad imo i tried to use fruit flavors as well i believe i used lemon sicily , juicy orange , raspberry

pm me ill send you my rainbow drops tpa if you want i seriously hate dumping things but will never use again well if your here in states anyway , i think to send out of country it might be difficult not sure though

I just got FW rainbow drops but it being alcohol based, similar to citrus punch, wouldn’t breathing help dissolve some of that harshness? looking for a good skittles recipe myself.

@Pro_Vapes has a Skittles recipe going on:
1 Like this is the one I intend on making once my black currant and blood orange comes in. For grape, I’m going to try grape soda/grape candy, as I didn’t have any grape base on hand. Looks somewhat similar, like a good raw flavor base instead of a DIY rainbow candy/drops/turds or etc haha …thanks underanne

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TFA rainbow drops has a lot of alcohol in it as well. When I last got a 4oz bottle. I removed the cap and let it breathe for 5 days. It took the alcohol out and it’s very smooth now. I suppose one could mix this as is but under a little heat from a hot water bath then mix on the magnetic stirrer to evaporate the alcohol too.

Will MTS Wizard smooth it out any?