TFA ‘s PG/VG ...?

I normally buy my bases from Nic Riv, although I’d like to purchase directly from TFA. I know there flavoring is G2G, although I never hear or read of anyone using their bases ( VG/PG ) . I assume pg&vg come originally from only a few main sources worldwide but I’m not sure if there is any true difference from company to company . I know TFA’s VG/PG is sourced from Malaysia. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t use TFA bases in my product?


It seems a lot of VG suppliers we use are selling Musim Mas VG , and Alot of the PG is manufactured by DOW . I would say that TPA /TFA is probably doing the same , id cross reference price points . Buying direct frombTpA or Cap is what i did when i first got into DIY then realized buying from Companies like NR , ECX and BCF was cheaper and i was able to buy more than one manufacturers product


Thank you!


There are generally 2 kinds of VG. I believe either its derived from soy or palm I hear alot of people say they prefer palm based and that it’s also a bit sweeter. Lots of people say there isn’t any difference just figured I would let you know since most soy is GMO if that matters to you

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