TFA/TPA Blueberry vs. Blueberry Extra

I found a recipe that calls for TFA/TPA Blueberry but I only have TFA/TPA Blueberry Extra. Can someone explain what the difference would be? Use less of one vs. the other? or is the flavour simply different?

"They each embody different properties of the blueberry flavor. I like to combine them to get a more rounded and natural blueberry.
"Extra is stronger than wild and has a more pronounced fruity bite to it, while wild emphasizes the sweetness more, but that’s just my opinion.
“In a lot of recipes, you can probably substitute one for the other, but you’ll want to pay attention to the sharpness and sweetness of the other flavors in the mix. Too much similarity and you won’t be able to tell them apart, and too much difference can make them clash.”

Extract from a post in the Reddit thread: “TFA Blueberry Extra Vs. TFA Blueberry Wild”.

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But the OP didn’t say anything about Blueberry Wild… the TPA website only lists Blueberry Candy, Blueberry Wild, and Blueberry Extra. Unless there’s an unlisted/discontinued flavor, I’d guess something just calling for “TPA Blueberry” could be any of those. Anyone know?

hmm, that’s strange. this is the recipe I saw it in:

Dewdew berry cream (kilo dewberry cream clone) :

3% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
1% DX Sweet Cream (TPA)
4% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
1% TFA Blueberry
5% TFA Honeydew
1% Whipped Cream - TFA

Flavor total: 15%
Remember to rate it at:

MFS sells a TFA Blueberry flavoring. I purchased it one time and then bought the Extra from another vendor when I ran out. Didn’t have any left for a comparison. I don’t use it much myself but I have a friend i mix for that has it in one recipe. I changed without telling him and haven’t had any complaints.

Must admit I thought ‘Blueberry’ had become ‘Blueberry Wild’ but I should have read the excerpt more carefully (it was the middle of the night).

OK. I found this thread with the same exact question about MFS

This is a comment form the recipe:

Still not closer to pinpointing which one it is.

Anyway, I am sure the clone is not a 1:1 (like THE INTERNAL LEAK OF CUTWOOD UNICORN MILK!!! lol) so whichever I use will be fine.

On a side note, I have never tried Dewberry Cream or I guess I haven’t. I had a 30ml bottle of Dewberry or Kilberry and I loved it (it was my first “premium” juice) but I can’t remember which one it was!! On a whim I order all the flavourings to make Dewberry but now I think it was Kilberry.


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If it’s MFS based on the similarity of descriptions at their site and TPA’s I’d say MFS TFA Blueberry = TPA Blueberry Extra, but as a 1% background note it’s probably OK to sub any of them for each other, so I say mix away! :slightly_smiling: