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TFA/TPA Dragonfruit for MTL/Pods

Hey all. Am still on my journey to create good Pod flavours to keep myself entertained at work and having something nice to offer clients if they convert to pods. Theres so many good DL / Sub-Ohm / High Temp recipes around but not so much for MTL / Low Temp / Pod devices.

The flavour I’m looking to run through today is TFA/TPA Dragonfruit, I really want to start testing this in pods as it’s so versatile and I believe it would make a good base for a few pod recipes, but am unsure where to start. I use a Uwell Caliburn Koko & a Uwell Yearn for my MTL ADV’s, so it will be these that I’m testing on. I want to start by SFTing the Dragonfruit to find the right percentages and I’m thinking maybe 7-10% would be a good place to start for MTL. Remembering that MTL Devices are a step back in vaping technology and do not produce near as much flavour or heat as today’s modern devices. My personal mixes would be high PG simply because I use 100mg/mL Nic and vape 50mg/mL at work, plus PG based flavours means if I use 15% flavoring my PG total is 65% to 35% VG.

I’m looking to do a couple simple recipes like Dragonfruit Raspberry & Dragonfruit Mango Peach, but am wondering if anyone else has had any experience using Dragonfruit for MTL or just mixing experience for Pods in general. They are weird as some flavours taste comes through fine at similar ratios to DL while others are almost none existent at DL strength. Will report back when I end up finding some degree of success with the flavour, then try build on other flavours for MTL as I really think if they are to be used to curb smoking there needs to be a lot more focus on DIY recipes for MTL as well, especially considering they are more effective at curbing smoking analogue imo.


@sjcloudz haven’t vaped any of these, but searched the recipe side for pod and DF, and a few non-pod DF’s you could adapt.


@SessionDrummer you’re a legend buddy! Was thinking even simpler than these but will definitely go through them and use them as starting points. Just mixed up a Chocolate Thick Shake at DL ratios but gonna see if it works out for MTL or not. If not will try tweak it upwards anyways, cant wait to get my new Vaporesso device then I will be able to make use of all my flavour profiles haha.


I use a Koko at work, dunny vape :wink:

Most of them are strawberry base, some have dragon fruit.

These 2 are fresh today and I haven’t tested them properly.

My favourite pod mix is a mint cream and I don’t normally vape any mint at all, but that’s off topic. :smile:

But in reference to the dragon fruit, I would never use it as a main flavour and only to accent something else.
For DL I use it normally at 0.5 - 1% and in the pod mixes it’s about 1.5 - 2%. Hope this helps.


I know your asking about TPA dragonfruit , but personally id be trying to use FA or INW Dragonfruit for a top note in a pod recipe …


Could I please have the Mint Cream recipe? Will have to try out Molinberry’s Jelly Candy seems like it would be yummy in those recipes. Lol the dunny vape, when ya fiending :wink:

Will also try out a 2.5% Dragonfruit combo for an MTL, will throw something together and see how it goes after work! 3 hours to go :rofl:


No problem at all, this one has been very popular with anyone that checks out my work bag full of juice. Not sure if you’ll know what I mean but have been told it tastes like the centre of a green aero bar

Dragon fruit and jelly candy are like best mates, I’ve found they work very well together, rarely to I mix one without the other.
CAPS Jelly Candy was the main one I used until I was experimenting with Molinberry recently.

Thought I might as well share this simple one too, it was popular with someone at work that I was influencing to get off the smokes.


First, let me say that 7-10% seems kinda high. Second, I will respectfully have to disagree with this statement. MTL devices are most definitely not a step back. Just to name a few, starting with any kayfun MTL tank. Then I would say the Ares is quite nice the aspire nautilus is good for a commercial coil set up. Anywho, I think you could say that POD devices are a step back and you would be right. IMO.

I’m all about MTL and have several recipes that were created just for that style of vaping.

So, hopefully, I didn’t offend you and we can keep the discussion going. I totally love dragon fruit and usually try to get one whenever I need flavors. So far my favorite is a mix of 3 TFA’s dragonfruit at 1% Cap’s at 2% and INW at 1.25 I am still in the process of trying as many dragonfruits as I can find and mixing them and and and… Ya, I have been at it for a couple of years now. I am either brilliant or a dumb dumb. LOL, I usually go with dumb dumb but every once in a while I pretend to be brilliant.

I bookmarked this thread and am hoping for some good stuff. Anyway, I find that most of my recipes translate pretty well into MTL or MTL into DL. What I have found is when I vape MTL and then go DL I find that it brings out different nuances that I find intriguing. Then I find the flavor that is different and go from there.

Good luck man, I hope this thread does well.


I think this is somewhat important for MTL recipes. In my experience there are many subtle nuances of more complex recipes which get missed in a MTL tank as opposed to perhaps a subohm or dripper. Things I can taste in most drippers never show up in MTL.

Being that TPA Dragonfruit is one of their weaker flavors - and given the fact DF is a mild flavor to begin with, I personally would recommend doing that single flavor test to determine where it is I’m happy with the DF and then adding the supporting/complimenting flavors gradually as DF can be quickly overpowered.

FYI - if I want to make a traditionally high-wattage vape into a MTL one, I’ll start off by making a small bottle and increasing the concentrates by 25%. Quite often that results in something close, but tweaks are basically a foregone conclusion.


No offence taken brother. Have yet to try a proper MTL device yet so use the term interchangeably when talking about pods but should probably break that habit! Can you still vape high dose Nic salts in MTL like in pod devices? I’m right into my 50mg/mL again at the moment but predominantly use pod devices. Have a wee online store in the works for some extra $$$ on the side so will be able to try out some of the devices once I commit to buying some to resell, definitely gonna try find a good RDA in the bunch, a tank subohm prob RTA and an MTL. Already got a few different pod devices and the Koko seems to be one of the best one so far but I still have a few to try. My mission at the moment is finding good recipes for Pod devices because they’re so easy to work with and an easy first step for people coming from Juul/Yearn/Alt type devices.

In my country there is a big brand like Juul called Alt but they dont offer refillable devices, but their parent brand does offer a different device that refills but isn’t as streamlined or sleek. Alt is like better (for lack of another word) Juul, they are available in over 2000 Retail locations in NZ which is a lot for a country of 5 million imo. So I’m looking to find good recipes for Pod devices so people making the transition from these prefilled pods to refill pods have something nice available to vape at a good price or very good price if they’re doing DIY, I see a lot of long term smokers converting to vaping here lately and hopefully the trend continues.

Back to topic. At 7% in a pod it was manageable but probably should have been lower still as theres that weird taste at high pct I’ve noticed. I’ve got a big bottle of DF and had some delicious recipes with it so figured I’d give a crack at making something purely fruity with DF for pods, I get sick of single fruits sometimes haha and mostly ADV Mango, Apple or Ice/Mint/Menthol while I’m working. Got a lot of tasty subohm flavours but really struggle with ones for pods tbh, often they seem overboard or not enough, even a lot of commercial Nic salts variants I’ve tried dont taste as nice as I’d expect which is partially how I got into DIY.

Glad to see someone else is a fiend for the Dragonfruit, I’m gonna have to pick up some different brands and try out your mix it sounds tasty. I just love how DF is nice and juicy with a good not overbearing flavor when mixed right. But yeah for MTL non pod can you vape like 50mg/mil Nic Salt still without experiencing extra harshness and stuff? If so that’s pretty amazing if it can have the high strength hit as well as the nice flavour and I’ll definitely have to try.

Sorry team I’m rambling here had a massive day at work and just checking notifications now after mixing up some juice and watching some Netflix haha.


@SthrnMixer Yeah I’ve found some notes taste completely off and some notes dont translate at all at low pct. Had a Sub-Ohm Recipe for Apple & Raspberry that tasted like watered down to barely nothing Razz cordial in a pod, so gonna have to tweak that up to try it in Pods.


yep yep

Awesome, me too but I am wavering back and forth because I don’t have the money for a business license and I thought I could do affiliate marketing until I got the cash. Then I decided to “wait and see”
plus building a web site isn’t easy and very time-consuming. Please let me know when you get it up and running I would love to support your business.

To bad your not in the States, I would send you some Dragonfruit I won’t use.

I’m pretty sure ya. My thing is, I LOVE me some throat hit and I strive for it.

Anywho, here is an awesome DF recipe if your interested

Oh ya, I thought this might interest you


@Dan_the_Man Oh awesome that’d be amazing! Will definitely let you know when it’s up and running. It’s a little bit easier here than stateside as we dont have to pay any extra fees for selling nicotine products if they arent cigarettes here yet. Will definitely work on an affiliate program once j get it launched, probably the whole discount code and commission sort of thing.

Will be starting with a few pod devices and MTLs as well as a few subohms and things, not a massive range at first just the brands that will get a lot of hits for the site as well as a few cheaper ones for people looking for a cheap option. For juices will be doing my own brand eventually but starting with the top selling 5 or 6 import juices as well a few of the top NZ brands. I’ve got a few delicious recipes I’d launch with my brand as well that get made at a 3rd party co-bottling plant domestically but thinking about doing a create your own option as well once I have a wider understanding of flavours and how they interact. Also considered doing like a partnership thing where I’d partner with someone who DIYs and they’d come up with recipes which I’d get made up into bulk batches for sale, just haven’t thought too much about payouts or how we’d determine what’s commercial worthy ect. So a lot on the cards for me but due to having to work around working 5 days and the occasional Saturday I’m focusing on getting the site up first then working more on my own line to add, that way I’ll start drawing some hits and sales and once my brands established then will look into wholesaling to vape stores, hopefully would be able to quit job at that point but it’s still a wee way out and definitely need to get the quality and branding down first before I get too ahead of myself haha. Also by selling other brands first it means I can launch my own brand beside high end, well known products that should help with the rep and people trying for the first time. Let’s me not have to drop too much money into dropping a huge initial line as well with all the basic fruits and all that and means I can dive straight into more complex, tastier juices and launch Mangos and things at a later date.

Will definitely check out that pod rebuilding video, definitely need that option as I go through pods like socks hahah. Will check out that recipe as well, I need to get another bunch of flavours in the near future just been slack buying anything during COVID-19 lockdowns.n


Found these 2 recipes awhile back and mixed them up then forgot about them. All credit to the original creators whom one of them I sadly didn’t write down with recipes. Both have ridiculously high DF pcts for subohm but I didn’t know that at the time. Might crack them out in the near future and have a try then see what needs to change. I feel like they’re both going for a similar effect with the Dragons Blood being generally more flavour heavy, more DF, more Strawberry and more layers of Cream. I’ve I’ve loved Strawberry Milk/Custard/Cream type vapes so these ones caught my eye when I found them with the DF adding an extra layer of complexity but being used in both as the base is what made it super interesting. If anyone’s tried either I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Dragon Blood

  • TFA Bavarian Cream 2%
  • TFA Dragonfruit 10%
  • TFA Cotton Candy 1%
  • TFA Strawberry 4%
  • TFA Sweet Cream 1%
  • TFA Vanilla Swirl 3%

Mother of Dragons Milk by ID10-T

  • TFA Dragonfruit 7%
  • TFA Strawberry Ripe 2%
  • TFA Vanilla Swirl 2%
  • TFA Bavarian Cream 2%

Sounds awesome, If I can help, then don’t hesitate to ask.

As for the recipes, 10% is hella lot, hopefully it turns out.