TFA/TPA Flavor Recommendations


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Hi Drip. If that is supposed to be a link to a page, you got a bad one. Figured you want to know!


It’s fixed it, Thanks @ringling

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I agree with most of that post except i disagree (in part) with this:

Strawberry 8/10 5% and up. This is a distinctive, candy-like strawberry. This does NOT mix well with savory items, such as cheesecake, waffles, cream, etc. Use this with Watermelon, or other sweet fruits to make a nice candy vape.

If it is used for its smell it is very realistic, this is why i mix it with other SB’s such as Sweet Strawberry (CAP) or SB (TFA). On its own it is not a great, realistic SB but it enhances the heck out of the others that lack that very distinct smell.

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