TFA Vanilla Custard 2

Ages ago I watched a video Wayne Walker posted about TFA Vanilla Custard 2 and as I enjoy a good custard I decided to give it a go. I don’t mean the diketone free version that was released a while ago but the newer version which I think can be told apart be using the actual number 2 rather than V2. Confusing, at least for me.
It probably is loaded with nasties but to be honest I didn’t look.
The only place I saw it listed in Australia sells 30ml bottles as their smallest available. I was sure I was going to like it but am always uneasy about ordering anything bigger than 10ml before I have tasted a concentrate.

Eventually I did and now think I should have ordered a bigger bottle as it is superb in my opinion. Personally I don’t mind the slight spicy/peppery taste to V1 and actually enjoy that one a lot too but this definitely outdoes it.
My favorite custard is Capellas V1 but that’s now become my second favorite.

This one is a beautiful deep version overflowing with flavour but to my tastes anyway has no spicy or peppery note. Just an all round delicious custard that is extremely smooth with heaps of opportunities.
I mixed it at 8% and it’s been steeping for 15 days.

I apologise if this one has been discussed somewhere else but I couldn’t find it and just thought I’d mention it in case anyone is looking for a custard such as I describe.


@Gazza7 you can NEVER have TOO many conversations about CUSTARDS !!!


Fair comment and I agree.


I totally agree with you @Gazza7 . I think I watched that same video (but I don’t care for Wayne’s presentations all that much.) TPA finally had a worthy competitor to Cap"s. Although lately since I finally got my hands on some Custard Premium (FA) I would be hard pressed if I had to choose between the two.


I started looking into Vanilla Custard II after seeing @authormichellehughes latest recipe post here:

I search for recipes with under 10% flavoring totals …especially Custard ones. This flavoring had totally missed my radar! After reading the Notes, it seems to tick alot of boxes like a 3% recommend …even better, a faster steep time (4 days?). Check the Notes here: [Official name “Vanilla Custard II (TPA)”]

I didn’t see many cons there (Notes) and Michelle’s recipe looks tasty (Thanks!) …I just added some flavs to my Shopping List. How’d I miss this one!? Thanks to the OP too~! I bet most folks looked at the name and predicted some kinda A/P free flavoring (ewww) so just wrote it off as something akin to a V2 (CAP) (?) Actually it has an A/P warning, which is a “plus” in my decision matrix. Suwheeet~


I don’t mind it in certain recipes but I find it is more like a pudding rather than a custard to my taste. It works well with fruits and lighter recipes but I still prefer CAP VCV1 in bakery style recipes. Hope you like it and let us know your thoughts when you get it mate.