TFA Vanilla Custard thoughts?

@J_S_Creations I’m one of the ones who cannot vape the ever popular CAP VC, or at least unless it’s mixed heavily. Started using TPA VC a while back, and haven’t grown tired of it yet. Although I get off notes from the CAP, I get no off notes from the TPA, never had any pepper from it, and mix it fairly heavily with other creams, and just can’t stop vaping it.


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@Michael_W1 Not sure what custards you tried so far, but I was in the exact same boat. Everyone’s tastes are different, and I don’t know if it’s as simple as being IN the CAP VC camp or OUT, but as usual, TRY small, then buy big once you know what you like.


Not too long ago, I found that VCv1, paired with NY Cheesecake, French Vanilla and super sweet actually is a pretty good combination IF you have about a month or two patience. That nasty flavor I get from the custard is completely gone then.
I noticed that from Kreed’s Custard and have actually seen it in quite a few other recipes since then.


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Could be in the “When I was a noob I wish” thread


It’s already there :smiley_cat:


Do you mean a chemical like note? To me Premium Custard is buttery smooth with no off notes.


I have a juice that’s been steeping for about a week now and just tried it again… so as a SnV yes, after a week, yes. A week isn’t nearly enough steeping for a custard so I’ll reserve my final opinion for later.


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I’m a Custard Freak pretty much everything I vape and mix is custard right now.
I don’t get the peppery taste from TFA Van-Custard but I do get a lemony/citrus/almost but not quite sour note to it.
My absolute Fave is good old CAP-Vanilla Custard.
It’s so versatile I sometimes use it in my fruit/cream blends to make that cream part really work well.
But having said all that.
Your Pallet is yours alone so you may love it you may not.
What I have learned mixing flavours is that every flavour has a place.
Even the ones we don’t like can actually work well when mixed with others.


Yea Custards and vanilla I like a-lot.

Ppl say you can go to 15% VC-v1 (Cap) solo and 2% Shisha vanilla solo

I need something simple I can enjoy and taste in a pod system.

And I need it right the first time due to the long steep and making a bigger batch

Would this work ne thoughts?

15% VC-v1 (Cap)
2% Vanilla Shisha (INW)
2% Pyure sweetener


I’ve been mixing for quite a while now and I say must I don’t see any positive coming from that mix at those percentages. Whatever you have heard that’s bad about those flavors you are sure to find it in that mix. If you insist on mixing with high percentages, You would do better if you cut your percentagesite in half and try it there. It’ll be a bit high, but not outrageously so.


Thanks… Ill look at top recipes again.


I liked the Strawnana Custard @10% recipe But new to so Shisha Vanilla so 1% SV?

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You won’t be able to actually taste custard in pods. You can get the richness, the creaminess to an extent but that’s about it.

Going higher in percentage won’t do anything, besides increasing steep time, which is long on caps v1 already.

I’d suggest going with a medium/thicker and more vanilla or high note pronounced cream, rather than custard. For example, French vanilla (tpa/cap/wf), a good medium ice cream example (hs French vanilla etc). You get the picture.

But if you absolutely want to go with custard, give (inw) custard a chance. In regular systems you can use it from .5-3% and it only takes 3 day steep to fully mature. Can taste it right off the shake tho.

pair that with a good vanilla, for example shisha or even flavour arts, or whatever brand and it should be fine.

For your pod increase by .25 and work from there. Not every pod system needs extreme high percentage, in my opinion.

Edit: unless you’re planning on vaping 50mg nicotine of course, but then fruit only mixes are more your friends :wink:


Yes got a great picture now. You reminded me I whipped up a on the fly pod mix using VBIC-Cap once and it reminded me of van ice cream w/ real whip cream topping. Just want to get some custard in there. and a strong vanilla note.

I’ll keep searching my friend!

Good tip! tyvm nah Im 24% nic


I knew that pods require more flavor totals but I had no idea about certain flavors not coming through … why is that? I haven’t tried them, but having less-than-good experience with older cigalikes has kinda put me off of them.
Maybe ELR should have a separate recipe section for pod recipes to avoid confusion for regular mixers and make it easier for people using pods to find what they need.


Have 2 of these Aspire Breeze 2 and all the different Atomizers

I’ll figure out how to get better flavor from em.

Perfect for me. in between e-cig and power mods.

I’ll lower the nic so i can use the lower resistance atomizer for max power.

12-28 W, Voltage 3.5-4.2 V.

1.2 ohm
1.0 ohm
0.6 ohm

edit: now that I think about it…that once time that VBIC really was wonderful, was when I did have the 0.6ohm coil in it.


Edit: If I make something good and non-private, I’ll take the nic down to 3mg before I post it.

Good luck even wit my friends that use the RDA’s, can’t figure it out. something tasty on one of their mods, wont be the same on someone elses, it’s too funny guess ya hav to find what works for you and keep to it.