TFA Vanilla Custard thoughts?

Hi guys, I’m new on the site and am wanting some help! I just ordered some tfa van custard to mess with and wanted to know some of your opinions, good and bad, let me know!


It’s always wise to ask for advice before you buy, when you’re still in your research process… :thinking:

It’s a very popular ingredient but opinions are divided. Lots of people get a black pepper taste from it, including me. Same with the VBIC from TPA.
Besides the TPA custard, I’ve got custard from CAP (v1 & v2), FA (regular, pi and premium) and INW custard. You’d think I’m a big custard lover but I’m not, at least not in vaping. They all have a very chemical fake egginess to them IMO that just doesn’t work very well.

I can’t use too much of it in a recipe and if I do, it has to steep for about double the advised time before it becomes vapable. So far, TPA custard is really at the bottom of the list for me and I might as well just dump the bottle, don’t think I’ll ever use it again.


You can find a lot of useful info by reading the Flavor Notes for Vanilla Custard (TPA)

Here’s some tools that you will be useful when researching flavors…

Also here’s list of things some diyers wished for when they started DIYing…

Using the most common flavor name on ELR really goes a long way when researching flavors.


@anon28032772, you need to get Flavor Art’s Premium Custard and Health Cabins Egg Custard. These two mixed with whatever kind of custard you want to make, vanilla, chocolate,etc makes a delightful vape if you like custards. The Premium Custard has to be ordered direct from FA Italy though but I think it’s worth it. You can also get it from Chefs Flavors but same problem with high shipping, I just order a lot when I do. The HC Egg Custard you can get at DIY Vapor Supply.


Probably a good time for me to upgrade… Thanks for the tip @Beaufort_Batches.


Are you new to mixing or just this site? If new to mixing you might want to familiarize yourself with certain ‘custard notes’…chemicals such as Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl among others that some say can be harmful if inhaled.

The Perfumers Apprentice has certain flavors that are free of those chemicals, labeled as “DX” on the flavor name. Cappella has done similar naming with their “V2” versions.

Personally, I think the ones loaded with chemicals taste better! :sunglasses:


I have the Premium already, used it in 1 juice, tried it as a SnV and it gives me the same eggy flavor. It’s from a recent order so I’ll know more after some steeping.
And you can get it almost anywhere in Europe. The only reason why you can’t get it in the US is because FA USA wants to be nice to the FDA and ban all diacetyl containing liquids. Same goes for whipped cream from FA and a few others.

I haven’t tried Health Cabins’ custard… German Flavours Vanilla Pudding is a little higher on the wishlist right now but I’ll get it eventually. I also have an order stuck in customs, maybe I still have a custard in it, there’s definitely some creams in it.


Or you can be one of the weird ones and love it early on and get pepper notes later. That’s what I did. If you don’t get pepper notes you will probably enjoy it. When I did get that flavor from it finally after years of lovin’, TPA directed me to French Vanilla Deluxe, no pepper nasties there.


TFA Vanilla Custard is my favorite Custard. I use it in all of my Custard recipes. I do blend in Cap VC and INW Custard as well.


LOUIE! Good to see you here man :smile:


I’ve got all those custards as well, trying my best to like custard since there are so many custard recipes here and all over the internet. I also love to eat custard, but as a vape, it’s leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth. I am doing a couple of experiments on making vanilla custard taste a little more like the actual dessert. If I succeed, I’ll post it up. Part of the problem for me is that the “egginess” in custard doesn’t actually taste like egg.

My taste buds are so screwy thanks to a stroke, I don’t like much of anything.


I’m with @Silhouette there. French vanilla deluxe is thick enough to pass as custard without the egg. Thicker vanilla though.


@J_S_Creations I’m one of the ones who cannot vape the ever popular CAP VC, or at least unless it’s mixed heavily. Started using TPA VC a while back, and haven’t grown tired of it yet. Although I get off notes from the CAP, I get no off notes from the TPA, never had any pepper from it, and mix it fairly heavily with other creams, and just can’t stop vaping it.


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@Michael_W1 Not sure what custards you tried so far, but I was in the exact same boat. Everyone’s tastes are different, and I don’t know if it’s as simple as being IN the CAP VC camp or OUT, but as usual, TRY small, then buy big once you know what you like.


Not too long ago, I found that VCv1, paired with NY Cheesecake, French Vanilla and super sweet actually is a pretty good combination IF you have about a month or two patience. That nasty flavor I get from the custard is completely gone then.
I noticed that from Kreed’s Custard and have actually seen it in quite a few other recipes since then.


THIS! Quote of the Year!!
Could be in the “When I was a noob I wish” thread


It’s already there :smiley_cat:


Do you mean a chemical like note? To me Premium Custard is buttery smooth with no off notes.


I have a juice that’s been steeping for about a week now and just tried it again… so as a SnV yes, after a week, yes. A week isn’t nearly enough steeping for a custard so I’ll reserve my final opinion for later.