TFV4, Crown, Haze and others - How do they stack up against each other?

Mine stuck too. It took a little finesse to get it out. How did the plastic melt? This is the first I’ve heard of this.

Don’t answer… it’s a smok product. Anything is bound to happen. I’m probably lucky that I haven’t had any tank issues yet… fingers crossed, knocking on wood.


It’s so weird to hear that.

June 9th. 2015

Vape products usually have a short lifespan. It’s got to be 110 yrs old in vape time


Maybe so! My guess is it will take another 440-880 vape years to find another tank so perfect for my needs. They all have either too much air, to small a build deck, difficult to fill, poor craftsmanship, always something to make it less than preferable…

To be honest I am not 100% sure it is the seal. They are new seals but it could be the TF-F4 coil. I was so pissed at it last night I didn’t open it up. I just built a coil for my dark horse and went with it. Pulled out my Taifun GT2 this morning and built a coil for it that is what I am using talk about 880 year old tech. I will open it up sometime tomorrow and see if i can get to the bottom of what is really going wrong.

When I first got my TFV4 the glass was stuck to the base too. Luckily I did not break the glass getting it out of the base. Once the glass and seal are out of base I put the seal in the channel of the base where it belongs and it does not stick to the glass now with the introduction of juice. As far as this plastic taste you are getting, are you sure it’s plastic and not machine oil? You certainly should not be hot enough to melt plastic…

I wouldn’t think that it would be machine oil taste. I had smoke like 60 ml of juice through it before I got the glass out and broke the glass and seal. Then ordered the new seals and took out the TF-F3 coil and put the new TF-F4. I didn’t clean off the seal before I put it in though maybe it something that was on the seal I don’t know for sure. I was a little annoyed at it. had just got it all set up before I went to work and had this problem all day was all I could do not to toss it across the room.

So you’re saying that you did not have a taste problem UNTIL you bought new seals for it. If so, I have heard tales of seals which had bad tastes before. The original seal is silicone I do believe and this is what you should be looking for as a replacement. So the old seal is completely destroyed? If not, try it and see if there is a taste improvement…

I agree, I own the TFV4 and the Crown by uwell, they’re both fairly large tanks but the TFV4 is just massive, and requires 85+ watts to even operate with the tri and quad stock coils… The dual RBA is nice, finally figured out how to wick it and discovered 2.5 mm is the biggest ID coil I can fit in it without shorts or melting the insulator… It is fun though, if you can get a good drop top on it… I have a IPV D2 I use when I’m out at work and whatnot, and it’s not possible to use the TFV4 with it, so I use a Vector RDA or my crown tank

The TFV4 makes me cough the next morning quite badly,idk if it’s the heat, or the amount of Vapor production, but I also find a lot of condensation in the drip tips, and probably in my lungs… Which is odd, because I used drippers all the time and never have any of these issues

These are the seals I bought suppose to be the same as the manufacture but it is ebay. Couldn’t find them anywhere else. The old seal was destroyed

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From the pic they look like silicone and should not add some kind of nasty taste. Well I can’t point to any one thing at this point. I think I would try the old process of elimination game at this point. Put back in the TF-F3 back in, extensive cleaning, ect, ect ,ect. I hope you find your answer. I have my fingers crossed for you…

Yeah, just wanted to weigh in on the Bellus 0.08ohm dual Ti TC running side by side with a 4 coil in the TFV4. The Bellus has massive air flow, I have to choke it about 80% to match the TFV4. Then, to me, the flavor is comparable but I can’t do TC on the 4 coil. I like the size and capacity of the Bellus, but I’ve had some major juice leaks and have been completely unable to wick it with hemp.

So jury is out on the Bellus, I do wish I could run bigger coils, but cloud and taste wise it is easily comparable to any of the TFV4 coils 3,4,6,2Ti (only done single RBA builds until the TC stopped working and I decided Smok must die) and the Bellus is way cheaper. @Pro_Vapes how are you liking the Bellus?

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Well I took out the old coil and cleaned out the tank. I am using the single coil rda and it seems to be working now. I ordered some 22 gauge titanium.

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I ordered the TF-R2 and some titanium wire. I thought I read some place that you thought the 22 gauge was the best for the TF-R2 but you have a lot of post using the 24 gauge I ordered the 22 gauge did i screw myself?

Yayyyyyy, very glad to hear you got it up and running. If that’s gonna be your first ti wire then you are soon in for a treat. Much better taste. Again my finger are crossed for ya…

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Yeah I am a little scared of ti and won’t use nickel but I hear to much raving about ti to not do it

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I had that the first time I filled it up. Unlike the TFV4 you have to close the air holes before filling it. Had no leaking issues after that first mistake.

It’s doubtful there is anything to fear with Ti but in my opinion, when in doubt, use Ti in TC mode. I feel quite safe using Ti wire when in TC mode. Been doing it for a while now and have yet to croak. Good sign I’d say…lol

I do intend to use tc I have the snowwolf hoping that will work

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I only have the single deck for the tfv4 how is it for vaping? Does anyone have a good link for a buil and wick? Or should I wait for the double deck?also I do not have titanium wire, does kanthol work well also?