TFV4, Crown, Haze and others - How do they stack up against each other?

Well, now, ya see, right there we are already at odds…
The TFV4 is for sure at the top, but the crown is a distant second, and I’m not so sure it holds that place very dominantly…but thats another thread altogether…
The Cthulhu v2 RTA is most definitely in my top 10 and probably even in the top 5…with that being said, know this: it has awesome flavor, not just massive clouds but very dense clouds and it is very user friendly in my book…its DEFINITELY a must have tank, but I’m also quite the the voarder…


When you say smok is over crown in what way do you refer? It’s number one in burning coils at an incredible rate and kills batteries and juice faster, but other than that I can’t see it being number one, and Google best sub ohm tank 2015 and tell me where it says smok is number one?

I did not say those were my top two tanks. I don’t own either. I will confess the Crown is on its way to me right now though. I think the majority of people have been propping these two tanks up as the best of the best. My best tank is probably the sub tank mini. I use it over the kayfun lite because of the better air flow. The kayfun kills it if we are judging on just flavor. I might bite the bullet again for this tank if the Crown doesn’t live up to expectations.

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Fuckin comedian, eh?

I’m outtie…you guys can play rinky dink

I have a rose v2 that I drilled out and put a stainless steel coil in that probably kills all these new sub ohm tanks hands down for flavour . Different beasts for sure


“Best” tank or RDA for that matter is specifically each individual’s preference, I prefer flavor affordability cheaper coils decent clouds and battery life, and a tank or rda that won’t annihilate my juice. The crown is an awesome tank, all sub tanks are awesome in their own ways, it’s only preference that sets them apart. I also prefer the crown tank over my subtank and TFV4 because the coils are fairly cheap, the flavor is incredible, blows good clouds, and the coils last almost a month vaping heavily daily. The Cthulha is a great RBA, especially for the price, good flavor good decks, good design, it’s all about preference. It irks me when people throw out “TFV4 is the best tank ever” perhaps to them, in their own minds it is, but to any ecig rating site it’s number two to the crown tank.


So, What is in between the TFV4 and the “distant” Crown in your opinion? What is your top 5 RBAs? You are on point with what you say about the Cthulhu. The vapor is dense and huge and I’m running it at a wee 20 watts. Like I said… Lovin it! I’m so tired of being sticky. Thank goodness - some relief… Flavor, vapor, and no leaking or fussy building.

I had never even heard of the Cthulhu, found it doing a search on Fastech for RBAs with ceramic and ordered it along with an Ithika. I was shocked at the amount of flavor it produced and thought I’d let everyone know about it. I should have said “In my opinion”. In my opinion, it has flavor as good as the Crown tank. It definitely gives much more vapor than my Crown or TVF4 …twice as much in my case. I’ve got 4 Crowns and one TVF4. I’m running coils they came with except on one of the Crowns. In it I’m using the RBA with Titanium. I run the Crowns at 22 watts and the TVF4 at 40. I DON’T like how the TVF4 heats up a LOT. It gets so hot I must switch off to another mod. The Aromamizer is dangerous if you put ejuice in it that is thin. A drop came out the air hole and burnt my hand twice. One was a second-degree burn, i’m sure. I was hoping the doctor didn’t think I was shooting up LOL.

More on the Aromamizer: I don’t care for the vape band air-hole adjustment, but the flavor is oh, yum, yum. I also use drip tips with very small diameter holes. Weird - ha? I like these jade tips from Fastech. SKU 1625504 - Natural Jade Stone Bullet 510 Drip Tip SKU 2345000 - Cthulhu RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer SKU 1505000 - Ithaka Adjustable Rebuildable Atomizer (4.0mL)


Have you tried using the RBA deck with titanium wire? My buddy has one and was using the stock coils and his tank would get super hot. I can vape more than that on my Ti build with the RBA and it doesn’t get anywhere near as hot.

Anything I have ever used with non-TC wire has always had the case of heating up really hot. I’m a heavy vaper so I was used to that with my non-TC builds.

You just said the only thing that sets them apart is preference yet you state this as the closing argument in your post? :joy: Honestly, I feel as a preference that the Crown lacks anywhere close to the flavor that the TFV4 produces.

Dual RBA >>> Single RBA. More flavor, more vapor, more everything. I would go as far to say that us who have found a love in the TFV4 don’t care about how much juice it sucks down either. This is a site primarily used by people who make their own juice.

If we are talking RBA, TFV4 wins all day. There isn’t an argument with that.

The Cthulhu gave me some pretty dense clouds once I dialed it in to my liking. Flavor is definitely up there in my top 5 for RTA’s.

Bingo! :wink:…you hit the nail on the head.

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I lost my hex/allen key… anybody know the size or where to get a replacement?

I feel you there too… when it’s a true case of preference. Sometimes the word preference is used when there has been no comparison between devices.

To me it sometimes sounds like a copout or a need to be different or rebellious. I’m not speaking about you in general, but I have seen this here and on other forums.

How can a individual make a informed choice with no point of reference.

Sometime the word preference is used is instead of I’m just satisfied where I am, without looking at or ignoring other options. I call it stuck and close minded.

I try to make informed choices from my experiences when it come to my preferences.

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I agree, but preference is derived from trying new things correct?

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have you tried the haze dripper tank? Be prepared to throw away your TFV4 if you do

Yes I agree. If it’s within your grasp.

That’s what I love about local vape stores and clones, allows you to try new things free or at a very cheap price to decide whether or not to pull the trigger on an authentic

I have plenty of RDA’s. I still would pull out my TFV4, the flavor is amazing and clouds are better than some of my RDA’s.

For the ease of use of a tank and the convenience of not having to drip, the TFV4 stands out. I’m not trying to be biased here, but I don’t think it’s all hype. I think that Smok really blew away the market with their tank.

I might drop a low end tank out of rotation but not the TFV4. I stiil use my top five tanks. I even tried to breathe life back into my Lemo 2 yesterday.

I spotted this a tank a couple days ago. It looks awesome. I wish I was the type that would spend the cash for originals, because I would get it. It’s just too expensive for me. I have my Haze RDA in front of me now with a fresh build in it.

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I’m waiting on the clone lol, tobecco will have one soon, it’s the convenience of a tank mixed with a dripper, my friend let me borrow hers for a few weeks and I’m going crazy trying new fused Clapton vertical coils in it

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