Tfv4 mini single coil rba builds?

Just curious what you guys think is the best single coil build for the TFV4 mini? It came with a little clapton (unsure what material or gauges used, wasnt told- forgot to ask) in it thats coming in around .56ohm but I am just not liking it. Was considering doing just a basic build, maybe some 24 or 26g kanthal…
I really want to be between .3 to .5 at the highest.
Anyone experienced with this tank have some good reccomendations for me? Currently have 22g Ti, 24,26,28g kanthal available (will have that along with 26,28,30,32 ss, and 30g nichrome80 once that order comes in who knows when from fasttech). Preferably work with what i have so i can do this tonight

Edit: decided to try out a Ti build in tc this time. Actually pretty impressed so far. After wicking and all said and done its reading 0.22 ohm.
Realized tho the deck isnt huge in this, it is still quite a lot bigger than the kanger mini deck and so i went for it. 7/8 wrap 22g Ti at 2.5ID. Good flavor good airflow… I think im solid for now. Little tougher amp-wise on the battery than I wanted but its coming in just over 10amp. Battery is a HG2 rated at 20amp so i think itll be okay.


I almost bought one of those but I hadn’t heard enough good feedback about the various RBA decks other than the dual coil one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the one that comes with the mini kit!

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Yea, though it is smaller than a rdta type deck it is still plenty big to use 22g wire even at 7/8 wraps still leaves room on either end for wicking. I had some leaking issues initially but i am chalking that up to inexperience with this deck and a bad oring (traded for it used), and since have had no issues. The juice holes/channels on the deck are good size making higher vg mixes still able to wick well, right now i just wish i had more wire choices to work with but that is unrelated to the deck itself really.

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I’m using the RBA in a Smok TFV4 Micro tank and I love it, it’s all I’ve been using since I got it a few weeks ago. Right now I’m running a Clapton 26g SS inner with 36g kanthal outer wrap 3mm ID 5 wraps .48ohm in wattage mode at 30 watts, vapes like a dream with good flavor and vapor production. Just took 5 big draws at 40 watts with no dry hits.

I’m using organic cotton scottish roll.

3mm id is hard to fit in but it will go.

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I was surprised at how good it was when I installed a 24 g SS single coil in my TFV4 Mini. It’s probably about 7 wraps at 3.0 id.


The TFV4 Mini looks a hella lot easier to build and wick compared to the TFV4 Micro. The Micro RBA has to be removed from the base to coil and wick because it sits down inside and below the base, but I’ve been doing it for weeks now and I’m used to it.

The mini sits a little low still but its doable. Tc on my Ti build didnt work out so well because wasnt room to space it out so the ohms jumped around too much. Kept kicking back to wattage. :confused: put in a clapton with twisted 28g core and 32g wrap kanthal. Meh its not great but functioning.

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My first Clapton ran fine in TC until I went to take it out of the base to rewick and smoooshed it. Built another and it wont run in TC because of the kanthal outer wrap for some reason. I have new SS wire to build all SS clapton coils but I’m to lazy to get er done right now.

I am very excited to get my order of SS. 26,28,30,32 on its way. Till then all i have is kanthal 24,26,28, and ti 22g to work with. Been tough to get anything decent in this thing with what ive got

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At the moment I’m using LightnigVapes Clapton pre wound wire 26g SS 36g kanthal.

I cant order from them anymore :persevere:
Ive been just making my own from what i have. Ran out of 32 and 30g kanthal cuz of learning to lol used up the last bit of 32 i had today (my stepdad actually gave me a few feet since i didnt have any) and my 30g nichrome80 all used up too lol i wasted a lot trying to learn clapton building few weeks ago. I think ive got it down alright now but no wire to make more hah i bet the SS has great flavor in a clapton setup

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I need to get some smaller gauge wire of each type its a pain fitting my fatass ones in these decks lol

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I got some 26 32 36 SS from Kbeevapes. Try them

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I have a Mini as well but have had no luck thus far with wicking the RBA deck. Can’t seem to get the same performance (taste and clouds) as I can with my dated Kanger Subtank Mini.

Did a whole bunch of internet searches, watched numerous youtube vids, and still having problems wicking.

Let me include some of the details:
26 gauge SS316L from Lightning Vapes
3 mm ID
Ohms vary from .48 to .52, depending on which mod I use.
Muji organic cotton, fluffed and thinned out, just barely touching the base of the juice channels, and not tightly packed.
All mods are running in temp control.
Perhaps the Mini was meant to be vaped using the factory pre-made coils for best results?

This is a beautiful tank, and I would love to be able to use it to replace my Kanger Mini.

note I was able to get incredible flavor and clouds just once…and then the danged thing started leaking on me. I also have a Crown 2 and Zephyrus 2 and I’m having the same wicking problems.

if i was you i would start with the 24ga ka1 for start… :slight_smile: