tfv4 tf-r3

So, anyone not too pissed off at smoke to pick up their new coils or the new 3 coil RBA deck? Not gonna happen for this guy, but I’d like to try it or hear about it.

I still like SMOK, but I don’t know if I’d ever build a triple coil - I like my dual coil :smiley:


Boy, you must wake up real happy!

is there something up with the site? It has been behaving strangely on my phone tonight. Android using the Dolphin browser…it even crashed for the first time ever

Everything should be running smoothly - Was it the forum, or ELR “proper”?

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The forum. I’m going to switch to my pc.

Well, I’ve updated it a few times, but everything has been stable for me in between…

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The forum is behaving better on the PC, but there is still weirdness when I try and edit posts or messages. The ?emphasis? (I only wrote code pre-interweb) will switch to the page in the background, as in, out of the edit box. That was happening on the phone too. As always, could just be a PEBKAC problem.I really dont spend much time on the internet, dont know how to use facebook or Reddit, or Twitter and this here is one fancy forum. I really like it.

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