Tfv4 with tf-ti coil help please

Hey guys

I have a smok cube 2 with a tfv4 tank and just purchased some tf-ti coils but having a little trouble

I have it in ti mode with dc not sure on the coefficiancy settings any help ?

Tried 0.0450 and set to 400f as the box says but it stops at 370 and says temp protect.
Can anyone guide me on the best setting please

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You just have to move the tcor up or down until you get it right. On wire wizard the tcor is 0366 for ti but you will still have to fine tune until you get a decent vape but temp protect still kicks in. Hope this helps.

What I sometimes have to do, to make TC work on the XCube is to adjust ohms, for mine it has to be adjusted down, but maybe you have to adjust it up, since it does temp protect too fast?

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Forgot you could adjust ohm’s on that mod. Mine got a new home. :yum: