TFV8 Baby Beast Top Cap Replacement

Got the one from an SMOK alien and my spouse dropped it and finally did something that I couldn’t fix. The top cap is (for some reason) not clasping shut and I can’t find anything on it how to fix it. It doesn’t look like its misalignment,

Nor can I find a replacement top cap online


Anyone ever run into this?


I had a similar issue with my Baby Beast…had it in a cup holder on my bike, hit a bump…Baby Beast and mod went airborne.
Anyway, for me I ended up having to re-align the part that swivels on the cap. There’s a pin that was barely noticeable. If I remember right I pried the swivel piece up just a tad with a small screwdriver where the pin is. Realigned with the bottom clasp and used pliers to crimp it back together. Works good as new but YMMV. Good luck!


Replacement spouse? :sunglasses:


It’s barely aligned now, it does close, but barely, just the tip

and nah, 10 years down, infinite to go haha XD @Josephine_van_Rijn


Just get something that doesn’t have Smok written on it :smiley: