Th\ere's a bug in my ejuice

I think theres a bug with this calculator when mixing juice using the grams measurements. After I input I’m mixing a Banana nut bread recipe 25 ml total, with 70/30 vg/pg, 8 % nic -100%vg, 10% banana nut flavor (pg), 4 % banana cream flavor (pg)… What I’m seeing is the calculator is calling for 2.52 grams of nic (8%) and 2.50 grams of banana nut flavor (10%). How can that be? The flavor should be more than the nic. Under the volume, it calls for 2.0 ml of nic (8%) and 2.5 ml of Banana nut flavor (10%) which seems to be right as far as volume…I’ve messed around changing the VG/PG ratios, but these amounts stay the same…Since I do all of my recipes by weight, this is a big problem.

Anyone have an insight?

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VG is heavier than pg


in before “You should really use PG based Nicotine”

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If you are using 100mg strength 100% vg nicotine that weight is correct. As Joel pointed out VG is heavier than PG


What’s been alluded to above may not be clicking for you… So I’ll state it as clearly as I can.

With volume, things don’t change.
1ml = 1ml

With weight, things have to change.
1ml of one material may weigh 1.03, and another may weigh much more (VG). So with VG being on the high end of the weight scale, that’s where you’re going to see the most obvious difference.

Most other flavor weights will only vary by minute amounts, so unless you mix GIGANTIC batches, you’re not nearly as likely to notice that they do, in fact, differ as well.

The calculator tries it’s best to use manufacturer specific gravities though. And that’s why you’re seeing what you’re seeing.


Then why does 2.5 ml (2.5 g) of VG based flavor weigh the same as 2.5 ml (2.5 g) of PG based flavor…according to the calculator. Changing the flavor’s base from pg to vg changes the recipe’s dilutant amount, but it still says 2.5 ml of flavoring weighs 2.5 g.
According to the calculator, 2.5 ml of VG base weighs 3.16 g and 2.5ml of PG base weighs 2.59 g. the difference is .57 g which equates to around a 22 %. difference. That’s a significant amount.

And I’ll use VG based nic if I want…my game, my rules…

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Well, I’d bet that it’s using the normal PG based numbers. But you’d need to post the specific flavor (or list) you have questions about so @daath can look into it.

As for:

A. Joel was just yanking your chain.
B. With a response like that though, you’re alienating more than you’re befriending.

Regular folks know you have the right to mix how you like. You might try loosening up a bit (or ignoring such things). :wink:



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ELR has a default flavor weight of 1gm=1ml. When “Use Manufacturers Specific Gravity” is checked in your Preference and “if” a MSDS is provided by the manufacturer then that weight is the default weight… if not your default will be 1gm=1ml. So if a MSDS is not provided, then “you” have to weigh your flavors yourself and enter your results on the flavor note page, then the weight you entered will become your default weight.