Thank you Evolv customer service

I wanted to share with everyone my recent experience with Customer Service at Evolv Inc.

I am sure most of you or at least many of you have had to deal with Customer Service about one of your Mods at some point in time. Sometimes that means contacting the vendor you purchased it from or the manufacturer directly.

I have only had to do this 3 times and I have posted elsewhere on this site about the first 2 times so I will not go into detail about those. I will recap the outcome.

My first CS ordeal involved a device with a YIHI board that was defective on a Mod less than 30 days old. This was never resolved even after jumping thru hoops for over 3 weeks with both the Mod manufacturer and YIHI the board manufacturer. Needless to say I have not and will never buy any device made that has a YIHI board in it.

My second go with CS involved a Evic VTC mini that had a bad fire button. I contacted the seller first and the issue was resolved fairly quickly. I went on to buy 3 more of those Mods from the seller in the future.

I recently started having screen issues on my HCigar VT Inbox. The Mod still worked fine but the screen was at best only working 50% of the time.

This Mod was well past the HCigar warranty period and was even past the 1 year Evolv warranty period. I figured I was done for and would end up shelling out funds to replace it.

I took a chance and contacted the Evolv Help Desk on 3-11-18. I even mentioned the Mod was older than the warranty period covered. I really was not expecting anything to happen but boy I was totally surprised by the reply I got.

On 3-12-18 less than 24hours after my first contact with them came a simple and to the point reply. It went something like this.

We can fix that for you. Send it to us and we will repair it free of charge and even pay the shipping back to you. They provided a link to a RMA form for me to fill out and print a copy with instructions to send the Mod along with a copy of the RMA form.

I filled out the RMA printed a copy and packaged the Mod up. I took it to the Post Office on 3-16-18

Evolv notified me that they received it on 3-21-18

Next on 3-27-18 they notified me that the Mod had been shipped with a tracking number.

The Mod was back in my hands on 3-29-18 and working perfect.

In my opinion they went above and beyond what could be reasonably expected of any company.

Hands down the most pleasant experience I have ever had with any customer service department. No questions asked, no jumping thru a million hoops, no back and forth emails and no request for a video posted to YouTube or pictures taken and sent to them.

Evolv/DNA, love them, hate them, or never had one all I can tell you is I will personally never buy another Mod that does not have the DNA board.

I would love to hear from other members about there experiences good or bad if anyone has had the occasion to use them.


As the owner of two DNAs and with more to come, it’s great to read about your experience and Evolv’s customer service.


Glad you found this information useful.

I have to be honest. This was by far the most pleasant experience with Customer Service that I have ever had relating to anything not just vape gear.


It’s because they know you rock!! Glad to see you back around more. :+1:


That’s an awesome story @wvsanta!

The only thing I can contribute is I’ve never had a problem with a DNA mod and I own plenty of them. Once I did manage to have a screen that would flash off whenever I’d hit the fire button. I bought a few spare screens and when I went to replace it, I discovered the connector had come partially loose. So I pushed it back in place and all was right in the world again.

I agree wholeheartedly with your faith in DNA.


That’s just awesome. I’m so used to reading stories of customers being given the run-around and hoop jumping that to hear this is just inspiring. I hope I never have an issue with my DNAs, but if I do, I hope I have the same experience.


I don’t own a DNA device yet but planning on getting a couple. Reading these stories makes me feel better when planning on spending a bit of money.

Side note tho, my husbands al85 broke last year September after we purchased it in august. Send it to smoks warranty since the local store didn’t wanted to help, guess what its still there. By now I gave up on thinking we ever will get it back. Its not an expensive or great looking mod, neither do I like the manufacturer but the point is, somebody should at least pretend or make it look like they care.


I wish I could say I believe that… but the truth is probably more because THEY ROCK.

It is good to be back for awhile anyway things are going to get busy again as soon as the weather gets better.

I had thought about trying something myself since the mod was out of warranty but my hands shake a lot more then they did just a few years ago.

I am really glad I took the chance and contacted them. They were under no obligation whatsoever to do anything about this because the mod was no longer under warranty. They did it anyway and that in my book speaks loudly about how they believe things should be done.

Sadly most people only take the time to post stuff when it all goes wrong. I just felt a need to take the time to post about what an awesome experience I had. I would also be willing to bet that this is the rule and not an exception to the rule when dealing with Evolv Customer Service.

I know that DNA devices can be expensive but there are some out there that are affordable. HCigar being one of the companies offering more affordable ones. There is a learning curve figuring out everything with the e-scribe software but a lot of help with that can be found right here on ELR and also on the Evolv forum. Even if you are not into Temperature Control I have found that the DNA’s also do wattage better due to the superior power management of the batteries.


Evolv is fantastic! I had an outdated Lavabox 200 that the display went out in and they offered to fix it free of charge and even paid the shipping.

It’s why when I buy a mod, I always look for one that’s DNA powered.