Thank You @Pro_Vapes

Picked up my billow v2 sans inner chimney after a couple of weeks. Well soaked hemp wick, 26ga Ti at 0.10 Ohms. Man, the thing is a MONSTER. It vapes at least as well as the mutation and IMO has a bit more flavor.

Anyway, I wanted to call you out for alerting everyone to that simple mod


I wonder if removing the chimney will work in the nano as well?

I just happened to stumble onto it. I rebuilt and rewicked my Billow v2. I started vaping as usual… I looked down and saw something silver on the table and realized what it was… The coil barrel. It was really dumb luck.


I guarantee it works in the nano as that is what I already have sitting on my desk.

@Pro_Vapes, I’ll take luck over skill any day…it’s much faster. Thanks again for one of many valuable contributions.