Thank You To Everyone In The Vaping World!

I want to thank everyone involved in recommending this wonder world to me. I have been smoke free for over a year and a half, after smoking 2-3 packs a day for 18 years. I started out by using 32mg gas station juice with a gas station pen. Best $20 investment of my life. I used that set up for close to 6 months, being cigarette free from the first day. It was after that 6 months that I discovered all these people using what I thought at the time as big bulky vaporizers that were just unnecessary. Until the day that I purchased my first mod and subohm tank. That being the Innokin Disrupter 50w and the Triton 2 tank. After that I knew I was hooked. Then I hit a road block on a search for my flavor(s). I can’t even count how many different juices I burned through trying to find that one profile. Tried candies that just didn’t tickle my fancy, fruits, tobacco, menthol, etc. But then I finally found my go to. I learned I was all about the creamy, milky juices that are cereal, ice creams, and yogurts. Today I stand by my Strawberry Milks and Fruit Cereals. The only problem I found was not being able to consistantly get my favorite flavors. I experienced moments when I craved a cigarette if I couldn’t get juice I absolutly loved. I fought through it though. Then I got introduced to the wonderful world of DIY. Which brings me to where I am now, right here. I have struggled and struggled trying to perfect and create juices that will never leave me unsatisfied. But thanks to good friends and supporters in the Vaping community, I was pointed in all the right directions. I know not many people will read this because of how long it is, but I want to thank everyone that helped me in my battle. I will continue to repay the favor by teaching people the benefits of vaping, device safety, and how only people uneducated on the subject are those who view it negatively. I have seen vaping help smokers of anywhere from 1 year to 30-40 years. Again I want to thank everyone involved in the vaping community and everyone that helped me. Especially to one man named Robert who sold me my first subohm device and taught me everything I know now (RIP). Vape on my fellow vapors and keep advocating and keeping the air clean!!! I love you all!!


Congratulations on kicking the death sticks! I’m new here too so I haven’t actually contributed much but I feel the same way as you do and also want to thank everyone here for all the excellent info, enthusiasm, knowledge, and willingness to help.


Am new here as well and already feel at home. I’m used to being on Forums and all and how they work but as Pugs related to, sometimes its the people that make a difference. I’m confident I’m in the right place with fellow MisFits like myself that quit after 40+ years of cigarettes. I just wish this woulda been out years ago as I’m sure most do that have kicked the habit. Thank All of You as well as the OP did and Vape On~


Congrats on quitting. And glad to have you guys here on the best and most useful website on the planet.


Congrats and welcome all newcomers


you won’t find a better crowd anywhere :wink:


Congratulations, and very well written thank you. Ditto almost all of it, except I smoked 2 packs a day for 30 years. And I didn’t know Rob, but a huge thanks to him for all the people he helped along the way!

Welcome everyone…good to have you.


This would also make an excellent About You to put on your profile.

Awesome testimony. Thank you for sharing!

Congrats on quitting. :+1:
And I’d like to reiterate (<- that is at least a 25 cent word) what LordVapor and Pugs said, this IS the most useful site on the interwebs and you’ll never find a better, more helpful, and greater group of folks than you have right here in this forum.

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