Thats it for me

I seriously give up. My juices are either perfumy, bland or tastes crap.
Ive followed ingredients exactly.I have watched videos and read info on here on steeping and its the same results.
Just opened a berry cheesecake i made and as usual it smells perfumy.
Im just wasting money on concentrates with rubbish results

I’m really sorry to hear that. :anguished: It’s kinda the same problem I have with cooking :sweat_smile:


Whatever happened to…
"Well a few weeks on and…a success !!! From what a mate remembers its close and he loves it. Others are talking about it too. Im very happy with this one"
I have that Bound by a Frown steeped (made it on 4/23/2016) just haven’t gotten around to trying it as of yet…

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yeah how long ago was that ?
Hand on heart ive yet to make anything anygood since then.

Just tried my summer cheesecake and it tastes just like other juices ive made with completely different ingredients. A chemical with a nasty aftertaste.

Raspberry and peach
Strawberry with whatever

All got the same taste

Did this one exactly as it states. Bland as hell and no hint of strawberry whatsoever. Im just going round in circles.

Research> make juice> shake> steep> smell> shake again.get excited thinking ive cracked it>be patient>steep more then try it and its utter rubbish. I just do not get it

I had this issue when I mixed with primarily FW, CAP and TPA. A lot of them I couldn’t taste. I get a much better result mixing highly concentrated premium flavors.

Can you post your flavor stash?

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Make sure you check this box…

You might have the same issue as me. I also think Unicorn Milk is bland.

What type of device, tank, rda, watts and coil material do you use?

Several. Crius,Griffin Aromamizer RDTA

drippers like Shuriken, Velocity

watts on tanks around 36w drippers 50-60w

average coil around 0.4 using kanthal

@Pro_Vapes When I am logged in, how do I look at someone’s flavor stash? Where should I find the button?

Don’t give up. I’m going to message you two recipes that I know are really good, I wrote them they’re not on the website as of yet. (I put off putting them up for all to see.) mix exactly as I send them steep the amount of time I have listed in the recipe and let me know how they are. also what brands of Nic and PG/VG are you using and where did you get them.

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Locate the user you want to view…

from a company called vapeable based in the UK

You have good equipment. I’d suggest trying some FLV, INW, FA and MF. It’s what got me out of the fog.

Research the flavors you want to try.


So you suggest kick TPA/TFA and Capella into touch?

Not exactly… I suggest expanding your stash to include stronger flavors, since what you’re using isn’t working for you.


ive looked at the research for guidance everytime and to be honest i find it confusing as the percentages are all over tghe place

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That’s the tough part. Testing flavors and keeping notes will help you nail the % that’s best for you.