The Arctic Sub-ohm Tank by Horizon Tech Review

Hey everyone ,

I want to start this review by saying thank you to Anita from for forwarding me this tank for review.

I’ve had this tank for a week now and as I’ve been strictly using rebuildable tanks for the past 4 months and been enjoying the fact that I can customize my vape experience for the particular style of vape I’m looking for I wasn’t really expecting much from this tank in comparison to some of the new heavy hitters that have come out recently . I was wrong !


  1. 100% USA made Kanthal wire
  2. 100% organic cotton
    3)BTC(Bottom Turbine Coil) BTDC(Bottom Turbine Dual Coil) optional
    4)Work with 10 to 100 Watts
    5)0.2 ohm,0.5ohm,1.2ohm optional
    6)Stainless Steel Drip tip, Glass drip tip optional
    7)4*3SQMM=12SQMM intake holes
    8)304 stainless steel+Pyrex glass
    9)Airflow adjustable function

I won’t bore you with details about how the box it came in was as we all know some of the best vape gear we have bought came in cheap packaging covered in machine oil . I will say that the presentation is nice and consistent with the quality of the tank .

The pros of this tank are as follows

  1. Airflow ( pretty well as good as any Rta on the market if not more )
  2. The coils produce amazing flavor and vapor , are made of organic cotton and can handle insane wattage. ( also handle high vg vey well)
  3. Value : the price point is around 25 bucks so it’s an excellent choice for someone who is looking to sub ohm on a budget . The coils are around 15 bucks for 5 which is also very reasonable .
  4. Adjustable airflow is buttery smooth but won’t move around once set .

And now the cons !

  1. The fill holes are very tiny slits in the side of the tank section when you unscrew it and flip it upside down . I could see it being a problem for some with glass dropper bottles ( won’t be a problem for most just thought I’d mention )
  2. As far as I can tell there is no way to separate the top portion of the tank for cleaning or replacement of glass , so don’t drop it ! ( edit: I’ve been informed it does come apart it’s just really stiff at first )
  3. The coils aren’t really available in too many brick and mortar shops like kanger or aspire coils.

All in all guys this is a great tank to just fill up and go . It’s flavor is miles ahead of the Kanger or Atlantis sub tank (IMHO ) and throws clouds like the best RTA out there . I’ll go as far to say that it’s the best non rebuildable tank I’ve ever tried and if you are an enthusiast that enjoys the best of both worlds ( flavor and vapor) this is the tank. It’s a thirsty tank indeed but it’s worth it !

I’ll throw a link up with a coupon from GearBest for anyone who is interested

Horizon Tech Arctic Atomizer: Horizon Tech Arctic Atomizer Sub Ohm Tank Subtank-31.75 and Free Shipping| GearBest.comGet one here
Coupon: arctic
Price: $24.99

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it


I’ve heard good things about this. You’re confirming which is nice :smile:

The tank does come apart; you can unscrew the top part. This is the other way to fill it, just like you’d top-fill a Goblin - Hold the glass down, and unscrew the top, then fill it - You can actually get (a little) more juice in it, by doing that.

Maybe I should consider this one (some more) :smiley:

I can’t for your life of me get the top of this tank . It makes sense but it’s on there super tight if it does come off , almost like if I try to twist it any more it’ll break …perhaps that would be a con

Try putting it in the freezer for a minute, then a piece of cloth to grip it - Don’t use that much force though, or you will break it :smile:

Seems fitting given the name of the tank !! Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the nice review @MixedUp1! My son is in the market for a sub-tank and I know less than nothing about the newest and best sub-tanks out there. He’s asked me to help him out with the purchase of a new tank (with replaceable coils, since he’s not like his old man with the penchant for twisting little wires in coil shapes) and VW box mod! I can say I haven’t had much luck with the VW mods yet! But this is good info to work with and pass on to him! Thx!!

You should try a Sigelei 100+ or a 150W - Those are just work horses! :smile:

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Thanks Jim , its a great tank …I was taken off guard how nice it was . Also it can handle insane amounts of power …didn’t even flinch at 80 watts …never got a dry hit off it yet

I have a buddy who just got one of these and at my urging got a Joyetech Delta II as well. I don’t have the arctic, but will gladly do a by-proxy comparison once he’s received both and used them a bit. I’ll say this. The Delta II is simply awesome in both flavor and vapor production, and thirsty as well although 45w is about max. This is not to diminish the review here at all, just that reading it reminds me so much of what I love about the Delta. Thanks for taking time to share your experience with the Arctic. May just pick one up soon.

I’ve heard good things about the delta 2 but let me then urge you !! Get an arctic …this thing shines at high wattage and doesn’t seem to get hot like other tanks . It’s a winner in my books.

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The Delta II is a EXCELLENT tank, no doubts. The Artic and the Delta II are every bit as good as any of the Kangers or Aspire tanks. My opinion of course…

I’ve no experience with the Delta 2 but in my opinion the arctic is better than the Kanger or Aspire subtanks.

I finally got around to breaking in my Arctic - It performs beautifully! :smiley:

Do not unscrew the top to fill it!!! The juice goes everywhere because the glass slides around. Worse mistake ever. Now the top is lose so when I go to fill the bottom I have to focus on not unscrewing the top. But if you really want to take the top off then get needle nose pliers & it will come right off. But I highly advise against it. It’s meant to be a bottom fill. Maybe the only reason to take off the top would be to clean it. But otherwise I love this atomizer! I do wish it was a top fill because that would make it that much nicer.

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