The Beginners Thread

Several of the the senior members shared their definitely don’t in diy.

Are there any newbies that would like to share your mistakes or successes. This will help new noobs learn from your mistakes or gain an advantage from your success… The senior members can contribute solutions to solve and help resolve these problems.

I know my most costly mistake was to load up on economy subpar juice. I still have several unopened bottles from a year ago.


I can say im still new at this. And thought i was doing good. Just started getting flavors of ebay. Didn’t really read what i was getting. And all i ended up getting was nasty messed up juice that someone thought was good. I won’t do that again. If you take the time to talk to ppl on here you will learn a lot. Get a lot of good ideas. I also learned a leason on buying clone mods. Seems like every clone mod i ever got was junk. So i stay away from clone mods. And before i buy a adamizer, i try to do a lot of research on them and ask a lot of questions. The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.


Sorry for your flavor misfortune. I diyed for months before I realized research was the key to avoiding disappointments. Before you make a purchase try doing a simple search on ELR Forum. Most things you may be looking for may have already been covered here… especially flavors. Thanks for your reply.