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The beginning of Nicotine ban propaganda?


Delete flag revoked in text since I don’t know how otherwise.

Study: Exposing fetal rabbits to nicotine produced changes in heart response to adrenaline - this might be linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) -
now hitting media as nicotine causes SID

These heartless bastards exposed rabbit fetuses to nicotine.
5 out of 20 of them died in the first few days after birth.

Link to news report

link to study

Other strategy’s researchers get their bullshit published



Yes, don’t let your fetuses vape! could be dangerous! smh



Perhaps we shouldn’t be digging up these ridiculous studies and post them all over the internet. It’s helping to put public focus on things that would otherwise be ignored.
It has been known decades before vaping existed that nicotine is bad for fetuses, babies and children.



not to mention the flies



You can’t be serious? Can you? Ignore it and maybe it will go away?



Thats kind of what I was thinking it will just be ignored by us. Media are already posting it and it can be cited later by anti-vaping
if someone does find their way here they can see it being pointed out why its a ridiculous study. but maybe I was too pr-empetive because of everything that’s happening IDK
and it is a cruel pointless study so I did flag the thread it for deletion . does anyone care about this?



Yes. For the reason you stated above.



They never want to inform the public regarding:
https://regulatorwatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Michelle_Minton_-_Fear_Profiteers-3-1.pdf -------------See pg 62 ACTIVISTS VS. JUUL

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I wonder who paid for that study to be done. Why don’t people have better things to do then to f*** with people that try very hard not to smoke again

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This makes me wonder if the vaping community and vendors should try out hands at beating them at their own game, paying for research and studies for the public even have a gofundme or kickstarter. Anyone know if there’s something like that going on?

We wouldn’t even have to lie or or kill baby rabbits.
I know some companies ARE doing this like FlavorArt how can I contribute?