The best QB in the NFL

Raiders going to win the superbowl in 2017 (Spread the word)

Lol. I love your heart (and enthusiasm)…as I’m a long time Raiders fan (Oakland only please) myself!

However. You’re a bit optimistic here as my Cowboys finally have a real quarterback. =P

cowboys had a good qb for years and still didnt do anything. This so called real qb choked in the playoffs just like the qb he replaced :blush:

let the talking shit begin lol , GO NINERS

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The whiners ??? do they even have a Qb???

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if the season started today i think it would be brian hoyer , im sure all teams have qbs , just saying

im not much of a shit talker when it comes to rooting for ones fave sports team , i have no control over how they do so how could i talk crap right , i root for them to win and if they dont i move on and enjoy the rest of the season :wink:

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LMAO! You’re generous, and blind at the same time. That’s cute! chuckles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On one hand, Romo was never good. Merely adequate. So many bad decisions in situations, forced throws, inconsistencies, etc.

On the other hand, this “noob” (rookie) comes in, takes the reigns, and blows most every season Romo ever had out of the water, and into the playoffs in his first year? /princess bride: Inconceivable!!

Calling a playoff performance from a rookie in his circumstances a “choke” is bordering on criminal IMO. To me, it’s beyond impressive.

/takes away Raiders12 hater-aid, and pours it where it belongs. (Into the Redskins and Niners jugs of course!) lol

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Rookies luck… one hit wonder I got 50 paypal that say he wont duplicate his rookie season.He benefits from that dominant Oline and zeke but like i said he wont repeat

hoyer stinks he threw 4 picks the only time he ever made the playoffs

I can’t believe you guys are leaving Mitch out of this convo. I mean the Bears gave up 19,018 future draft picks and the first born child of all the players for him. Glennon will blow to Trub and then Trub will lead them to the promise land.

Can I get an Amen?

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