The best Strawberry out there

Hey I’m looking to make a Strawberry ice cream/milkshake not fussed which but I want the Strawberry to be amazing seen some recipes but I’m looking for that not sickly but brilliant yummy ADV cream and refreshing ive never made one yet so any advice will be great thanks :sunglasses::metal:

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Perhaps a search of the forum posts may result in some good information. Here’s a link for you.


ive always used a combo of red touch , sweet strawberry and shisha strawberry but recently i tested Real Flavors SC Strawberry Milkshake as a standalone 3pct it was amazing and it had the profile of a milkshake so to add some more cream type flaves and maybe a little of another strawberry or not the flavor will be great for what your doing this weekend they are having a sale where you only pay shipping so check it out


Anytime I want a good strawberry I always use cap sweet strawberry and tfa ripe strawberry. Those together are the bomb imo. Idk if you’ve used any tfa strawberrys and cream but its pretty good too. Taste like ripe starwberry with a light cream or whipped cream flavor


Combine either TFA Organic Strawberry or FA Red Touch Strawberry with Capella Sweet Strawberry. Don;t use too much of any of it because you will lose your Strawberry Taste Bud.


Thanks Dudes

Any advice on percentage or is it just trial and error?

well none strawberry in my knowledge is good enough to stand alone…
i would suggest you a combo of

TPA Strawberry Ripe
TPA Strawberry
Capella Sweet Strawberry

in any case for the ice cream part you could combie it with like 5% of TPA Vanilla gellato ice beam… or something else… this one can give a nice taste on it’s own and giving an icecream note in all this :slight_smile: good luck

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i would normally agree with this opinion , however the Strawberry Milkshake by Real Flavors is the exception

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Strawberry RF Sc is pretty darn good in the first week. Just saying.

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I’m still testing, but mixing TPA Strawberry Ripe, and FA Red Touch are still my fav. RF SC Strawberry MIGHT just change that.


Try this…
Super Strasberry © :eye:

1% Raspberry (Sweet) (TPA)
10% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
5% Strawberry (TPA)

Flavor total: 16%
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I second this, these 3 flavors are my top shelf strawberries
INW shisha strawberry
CAP sweet strawberry
FA red touch strawberry

Personally, I like INW the most and CAP/FA are in a tie for second place. It would be difficult to go wrong with these picks.

For a base, I highly recommend TFA-VBIC.
Also, add a smidge of marshmallow to kick it up a notch.
Try FA Marshmallow, it’s a sweet, plain white marshmallow.
CAP Marshmallow is also great but it’s more “squishy” with a caramel undertone.