The bradslinux cocktail

4oz Knob Creek Rye
2oz Ale 8 One Ginger Ale
1/2oz Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
2 drops lemon essential oil

Don’t even try to sub an ingredient, especially the ginger ale! Buy it on amazon you animals. It’s Kentucky’s water. I’m in love with this cocktail and wanted to give it a proper name. (the contents of this post are not endorsed by the bradslinux campaign)


Looks good. However…it may be against my religion to try with any other Ginger Ale besides Blenheim’s. And not any Blenheim’s, but the one with the pink cap. It’s spicy hot and when you drink it ice cold it’ an amazing ginger ale. Try it you animal! :slight_smile:


You’ve done it now boy! Cry HAVOC and let slip the …Ginger ale?..
Ale 8 One (A late one)…THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
The biggest difference is that Ale 8 has more caffeine than a Mountain Dew.
(read wide awake and drunk)
I rarely drink soda pop, but when I do, It’s Ale 8 One.

C’mon a little help here… More quotacious punny phrases needed.
ffs…wtf is Domaine de Canton Ginger Liquer…sounds pricey.

Vaping a Caramel Apple Pie mix that is a modified Gambit clone. V2 or 6 I can’t remember.
The date on the bottle is 9/20/15. Pulled it from waaaay back in the fridge… A year in the making…fooking delicious!

This thread is endorsed by me. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is brilliant! I was in a local liquor store when I remembered Ginger beer. They had Goslings Ginger beer …something you are unlikely to find anywhere but a liquor store and it was awesome. I don’t recommend for this recipe as Domaine de Canton is powerful enough on it’s own. We used to mix that with Vanilla/Spiced Rum …wifey is a big fan of Knob Creek …well that that big a fan :wink:

This would definitely clear out the Vaper’s Cobwebs …I will be making this weekend. Thanks!

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I like Goslings, they sell it in the grocery store here and I will try Blenheim…BUT Ale 8 is not a ginger beer. It isn’t sharp at all and the ginger is actually very subtle. I do anywhere from 2-6ozs in the above recipe depending on how much rye I want to taste.

Ale 8 is a particular beverage. It’s not even as sharp as Canada dry, but whatever else they put in it just makes it a smooth mixer. I don’t drink just the soda, or soda alone at all…unless I am in Kentucky. It pairs particularly well with Kentucky bourbon and rye, my choices for both being knob creek.

Sorry for the delay, I’m compiling my tribulations into a new book for the old testament of the bible.

Domaine de Canton is expensive with limited utility. But I am stocking up as I will be drinking the bradslinux for the foreseeable future.

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It almost sounds like Vernor’s which I used to drink a long time ago. Tried some a couple years back and it wasn’t the same. But 30 years ago Vernor’s had an almost creamy taste and was light on the spice notes.

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She is a subtle but lovely little piece of my favorite state. I haven’t been everwhere, but Kentucky gotta whole Lotta nice goin on in a particular way. I bought 2 gallons of rye today. It could be a hard week again.

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And dayum that ginger Liqueur was $38 friggin dollars. Why did I even have that?

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One of my wine clubs carries it for less.

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Knob Creek is actually in Tennessee. I used to teach carry permit classes at the range there.

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That’s a 375ml little guy. I have a 750ml.

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