The Brits stop smoking, but vaping gets no credit

Vaping just can’t get a break in the media. This article claims a 25% reduction of smoking in England between 2011 and 2018. Yet there is no mention of vaping as a contribution. All the credit is given to smoking bans, advertising bans, and health warnings (i.e. the government did it). Yet the time frame coincides directly with the growth of vaping, while the bans and warnings were in place for decades. And this in a country whose health professionals have been the most outspoken in support of vaping as a smoking cessation aid.


Odd. I’m sure I remember Cancer Research UK being pretty vocal in support of vaping, in the past , Have they changed their tune, hired an incompetent new spokesman or what?


They probably still are but the media isn’t interested. Scaremongering sells more than sensible reporting.


Amen! Adrenalin sales and service. People tune in for the sensation not the information. Sad, but it works.


too true. What’s more seeing as it’s Cancer Reearch UK, after all, they’re probably up to their eyeballs, trying to adress all the other carcinogenic concerns raised by Dan and Dan, here :rofl: