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The Bunny Ear Wick


So here it is hope you like it. First off it’s for Rayon users I don’t think it would be good for cotton as it expands and rayon doesn’t. If you do this SOAK the crap out of the wick SQUONK the hell out of it…dry hits from Rayon are life changing ( like you might need a new lung cause you just coughed one up )
And as long as I’m on the Rayon bandwagon…it just tastes better… it’s invisible. Ok enough of this

You need all of this

  1. A drink
  2. Rayon a stand, dental floss and scissors, and your favorite atomizer.
    First, let’s do my Dead Rabbit.

    Yank off a chunk of the dental floss about 12 inches long and fold it in half.
    Carefully push it through the coil so it looks like this.
    The rayon is very thick so split the coil into two equal parts.
    Twist it a little and thread it thru the dental floss like this.
    Now here comes the tricky part…Pull gently on the rayon and the floss at the same time slowly pull the rayon thru the coil it can be done with a little patience.

    And here’s the Bunny Ears =)


    Now for the profile ( one big giant wick!).

    I hope you like it.



Yep that looks just like it =)


Oh, I forgot especially on the Profile start at low wattage. If you hear Poof! You’re screwed…that’s the dragon’s breath…ugh




Pft. That is why I am going too make it with cotton! I hate being excluded! no seriously tho, I might make it with cotton in one of my rda’s that I don’t use. Just to be able too look at it while it’s standing on the table. Too cute, thank you for sharing and who knows, after I maybe get through my cotton supplies (yes I do own a tampon factory too, apparently) I might try out rayon. Then again, I did say that last year already too, but now we got rabbits! How can i resist? Next question would be, why did a guy come up with that and not one of us women? (do not answer that) :wink:


Love the build stand! What exactly is that? Did you make it from a windscreen phone holder?


Yes …look down for a thread called " fully articulated artty stand"


Honestly I know it would work with cotton, because its doubled just use less. The whole idea was to be able to wick with a ton of material and not struggle. The bunny ears was a total accident :slight_smile:


In regards to wicking the Wotofo Profile (some already know this)…I have found that if you depress and hold the spring-loaded deck as you feed the wick though, releasing once the wick is in place, it makes for an all-around tighter fit against the mesh.
Anyways…nice job McGuyver! :sunglasses: