The Clapton Tool

I have come up with a tool to make building Clapton Coils a lot easier. When making Claptons I notice the hardest part of the build was guiding the wire and applying pressure as it was wound. I came up with a simple device to do that for you. I will supply pictures and a brief description. Here you go.

All you need is to cut 2 pipettes so one can fit inside the other.

Once they are cut, feed your wrapping wire through the shorter of the two and insert the other part of the pipette pinning your wire between the two, The tighter the fit the better, this will give you the tension you need for wrapping. I’m using a larger gauge wire just as an example.

Attach the wire to be wrapped and the wrapping wire into the drill and start slow. Make sure there is plenty of tension on wrapping wire and at an angle of a T and right against the wire to be wrapped.

I think this method will work with a large gauge syringe also. With a little practice you will see this method is much easier than trying to guide the wire by hand. I made two of these tonight and by second wire I had perfected this technique, with the drill running at full speed.

I started to post this on Reddit first but you guys deserve this. Maybe somebody will link it for me because I’m not going to.


Works great!!! Thanks bud!

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Thank You. Pics Please.

I went out on a limb and tried a thick gauge wire on a Clapton. Most Claptons are wrapped with 30g plus wire. This is wrapped with 28g kanthal and if you ever tried this you know it’s almost impossible with non heat treated wire. Well here it is str8 off the spool.

It was perfectly wrapped in under a minute.

“The Big Clapton” 9 wraps, 24g 316L wrapped with 28g kanthal on a 3mm screwdriver @ .5 ohms


Great idea! Will it work with fused claptons?

Awesome @NewDrip ! I posted a link to this thread on reddit :slight_smile:

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Thanks @daath

I don’t know. It’s too new and I haven’t tried. It’s only a couple hours old.

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This amazing! I love my claptons but my index finger is always pinched to hell by the end of it. Thank you this made my day and then some:)


Awesome idea !

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Thanx to /r/prokreat and his method. I have modified the The Clapton tool. I hope this helps.
I grooved the tip so it would hold the tip flush against the wire.


that’s a great idea and I’ll be giving it a try, thanks

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You’re a thinker /problem solver …super cool.The groove should help alot this is how I have done it rt along… (not my video)Clapton coil made easy:


That’s a cool video. The one I made works the same. I thought everybody was making them with there fingertips. Thanks for the video

Thanks for ur innovation!!! It’s great to know there are others always thinking too!!! Keep em coming!!

Not sure if u can tell but I cut a small notch in my pin vise and use the same method as the video and my pin vise has a dual purpose now.

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Pics after you make one.

I will after I get home been on call for work for a couple days

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A quick one 28 on 24 I’m out of 30 and 32 over to the bay…
Spacing could be better… I’ve been up for a couple days Ugh!!!


Good looking build @quitter1.

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