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The Delete All Option

I don’t know if it’s browser settings or just a glitch with the system, but I was recently trying to delete all my saved recipes to start fresh and it wouldn’t work. In fact, I would have to select all and delete and repeat the process multiple times, sometimes the list would reduce by one, sometimes 3, most times 0. Is it just me or has this feature not been streamlined?

I do realize this is one of the features you’re going to have many people asking where their recipes went after a while, heh.

Edit: I cut myself off short, it wasn’t deleting recipes even when I was selecting them individually at times it would take multiple attempts. Just thought I’d bring this to your attention to add to the “To Do” list :smiley:


Did you try refreshing the browser? Maybe by logging out, closing page, opening and logging in again. I don’t now, just sounds like the page may be cached and not updating. I was just playing with a test recipe and had no problems deleting.


I didn’t log out but I did try refreshing


Why would you delete everything anyway? Just move everything to a folder and continue without the clutter. You never know when it comes in handy…


Honestly they were all flubs despite having a few that were rated 5 stars by a number of people… I feel I can do better this second kick of the can, plus who wants to vape a recipe called Jesse - Worm1 Juice???


HEY! I’ve been told am quite flavorful.


You were 8% Banana Nut Bread


it shouldn’t have been cache because it was the first time I’ve logged onto ELR with this client

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Did you get it to work? Might try going back to your previous client.
Dontcha just love people doing remote troubleshooting? Gaaa!

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The deed is done good sir