The Dolphin cermaic tank...cheaper than the Altus

I don’t know a thing about this stuff…just found it during some late night searching… 39.99 USD


Looks pretty darn good… Wish they had a viable MTL version of this though…

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I like it. Cool Cool Cool.

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Yeah it is cool. Haven’t found a bad review on it yet. Not that I looked too hard…

Cheaper and better than the Altus. I own both, having pre ordered both of them. The dolphin provides a decent cloud for what it is. Rebuilding is pretty easy. Unlike the Altus you can dry fire this to clean it. The top fill mechanism is slick. Works great in both wattage and TC modes. Hopefully V2 has a larger ceramic surface area for bigger draws but all in all it’s a solid tank.

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$27.00 free shipping from Cali

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Is the ramp up time for the coil somethings you get used to?
Also where do you get the replacement ceramic coils. I guarantee I’ll break first on on the first wick.

What’s the difference between ceramic coil and the nickel coil. Can’t find any pics of the nickel coil

This very well may be the future of vaping so trying to pay attention.

Ramp up time on the Dolphin is minimal and not that noticeable. As I am bringing my mod up to my lips to vape I push the button so by the time it gets to my mouth it is firing strong. It is really like a split second delay and if you just fired it then the ramp time for the next vape is shorter. To answer your question, yes you get used to it very quickly and won’t even notice it.

The ceramic coil doesn’t need to get replaced any time soon, whereas the nickel will, just like any other coil. The ceramic coil can be dry fired to clean it, the nickel will be thrown out when it gets dirty. I found the ceramic coil to yield a more robust cleaner flavor than the nickel; though, the nickel coil vapes very well and lacks the ramp up time of the ceramic. Nickel coils can be bought for most sub ohm tanks. The nickel coil looks just like any standard pre bought nickel coil. My ceramic coil is still going strong and I have had it since Jan. You can buy a replacement fairly cheap here.

You can buy pre-rolled cotton for the ceramic coil but it is not necessary. I bought a large pack of organic cotton pads off ebay and cut them to size. Each cotton roll comes with a metal ring to help keep the cotton in place when you slide it over the ceramic coil. Keep the metal rings and the plastic piece the cotton is rolled around and you can reuse them if you cut some cotton pads to fit.

I enjoyed this tank and think it works fairly well for flavor and vapor production isn’t bad compared to the Altus; however, it could use a tad bit more vapor production for my liking. I think they would need to have a larger ceramic coil to achieve this. Other than that I can’t really say anything negative about the tank. The flavor is top notch and really transformed my juices into something totally different than what I am used to.


Thank you for the info and time @JuicyGuts this will be a cool purchase.