The encouragement that beginners need, opposed to dictating what they do

I am a new mixer that has had some really good success so far with my recipes. I thought that since my recipes turned out so good that I would post them so others could enjoy them. I posted the two best I mixed so far, and accidentally hit the wrong brand of one flavor, and oh I was belittled and just talked to like I was an idiot from a senior mixer. I hope that not everyone is going to be so brash when it comes to newcomers on the recipe feeds. The last thing I would want, if I were a senior mixer, is to have newcomers leaving and giving up. I would like to think that helping someone become better, to keep them away from smoking would be the most important factor.


I saw @TorturedZen 's reply on your recipe and I don’t see why would you feel belittled or being talked to like you are an idiot. You used a flavor with erroneous flavor database entry (-Sweetener instead of Sweetener) and he pointed it out to you so you could fix the recipe. The entry you used probably doesn’t have all the data, and is used in a total of 16 recipes, while the correct entry (without the - in front of the name) is used in 221550 recipes.

If he would have made such a comment on my recipe, i would probably say thanks dude, fix the recipe and move on :slight_smile:


Yep, you can count on TZ to offer a correction. I’m sure he had good intentions as he’s not known to bash other mixers.

EDIT@TorturedZen might reconsider his kind correction request once he read your post, and he might not be so nice with his next reply… :rage:


In mix life you need to have a bit of a thick skin. I’m sure the comment was to point out the error. Even as someone who has been mixing for a while now I occasionally pick the wrong flavor (well just once) and someone pointed it out right away. I went back in and fix the naming issue.

At this point you should go in and edit your two recpies to show the correct flavor.


Instead of making the recipe with the commend you didn’t like private, and re-posting it as adapted from the original recipe while it still has the wrong flavor listed.

And no, this is not an attack on you, this is constructive criticism :slight_smile:


I’d say that not only goes for mixing, but online life in general. Very easy to misconstrue the written word as it does not convey emotion. Two people could read the same words and come to a different conclusion as to what was meant by them.

Being new here, you don’t have the full background as to the long-standing aggravation the flavor database has caused, as well as the herculean efforts by some (TZ included) who have worked diligently to help straighten it out.

As mentioned, @TorturedZen is not a hit and run kind of fellow, and certainly didn’t mean to berate you. Mix on, be happy, and join the fun, assist and welcome assistance. Or don’t. Pretty simple.

And by the way… you posted how you did not appreciate the lecture you perceived you got, but you just lectured the whole forum. :sunglasses:


how did the recipe look ???


Very good actually, except a bit too heavy on the sweetener for my taste. It’s still on ELR but with the new incarnation without the ‘offending’ comment


Normally if recipes are posted, a author wish to share her/his satisfying experience. Hoping others will recreate it and enjoy as much as the author did, as well as leaving feedback.

New mixers always want to be on the top of the page within 3 weeks of just dabbing into diy, I don’t know why but something I noticed.

Anyways, to archive the remixing of a recipe, the other people will have to know the ingredients. Every manufacturer has nearly the same labeled flavors, but taste and percentage vary.

You complain that @TorturedZen pointed out the misspelling of your used sweetener, be grateful that he did.

Looking at what @adary posted as the copy of your recipe, here are more then one error:

Bavarian Cream is the correct flavor, not Bavarain Cream.
Vanilla custard v2 is capella, tfa/tpa doesn’t make a v2 unless I’m missing something here. Sweetener still mid labeled.

I mean no harm, just as others, but if you want it remixed, you need to set the flavors accurately or keep it private. But even then, the new entry is created in the database with the wrongly named flavor, and the next person especially if new, will get confused again.

So please label it accurately and take some criticism, I’m sure people here just wanted to help.


OP always keep in mind that we are a group of people that enjoy the same thing , we may have different likes when it come to flavors , any critique is a constructive one and over time you will become grateful for those especially when your mixing gets complex… i do understand your message , i dont understand why you were offended , overall we are a helpful happy bunch that welcome most everyone with open arms and that what has kept me coming here everyday since i first came :wink:


I am glad you posted some of your creations! Some times I still get nervous doing that, but in the end, I have gotten some valuable advice (that I stewed over at first).
Also, it’s easier on the data base when flavors are labeled correctly. It is frustrating going through duplicates to sort out the flavor database. I only dabble in dupes (only flavorah) and that is frustrating sometimes. Keep your head up! Vape on!


There was absolutely no intention to ‘belittle’ you. If I was that type of person I would need to at least know you better first. In terms of you feeling like an idiot well, I can’t control how you or other people feel. Nor can I control how people interpret what they read.

Maybe your interpretation might have been different if you had taken a moment to click the link I gave you, which explains building your Flavor Stash. And you would also understand why the comments I leave are simply efforts to steer people in the right direction with regard to flavor name conventions.

Contrary to what some people would think I’m not some douche-nozzle on a power trip. The only power I have is that which you give me!


I think that’s still under debate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gee, thanx.


Only yanking your chain my friend. You are solid in my book.


thats one helluva a book to be a part of :wink:



What a great name for a tank.


Or not! :grimacing:


It may have been mentioned to you but by putting in the correct flavours to your stash it will also help you find more recipes to mix :grin: he wasn’t trying to be an ass but actually help you get started. Glad you’re here in the forum as this is a great place to learn.


Considering that the OP changed his name to @Donehere i think it’s safe to assume he is done here :slight_smile: