The encouragement that beginners need, opposed to dictating what they do

Let me preface my comment by saying that i am very grateful for all the work that has and continues to be done to make this site the amazing entity that it is. I am not a coder nor do i have any technical abilities so i am unsure of how difficult an undertaking it may be to apply my idea, which is… The best and most efficient method in my mind would be to have flavorings sorted by brand and the ability of the user to simply scroll down ticking a box if they have said flavor(s) I could tick nearly every box as im up around 1000 flavorings and the current method is far to ardous a task to play catch up now…


When I first joined, I chose the closest one on the drop down with the most recipes beside it but there’s a glitch. Some Inawera flavors, when you chose the proper name from the drop down, the system injects some symbols into the name. You have to go in and change it manually. Newer folks wouldn’t know to do this.

Finding a way to reduce inaccurate names is going to be tricky without limiting the freedom that most of us have come to value.


It almost making it a 2 step search… currently it sorts by flavors you have 1st and those flavors are highlighted, which actually is easier for me. If the misnamed flavors were eliminated then searching would become much easier and a lot less likely to choose the wrongly formatted flavor.


As long as people can type in any name that comes mind when building recipes, you pretty much can bet that dupes will never end. One of the main problems is there is no rules or guide (especially for noobs) to properly enter flavors into the db. So it should be mandatory to choose from a approved list of flavors to even save or post a mix publicly.


Agreed an approved list to me is more favorable as long as what @anon44944642 suggested is also implemented and new or unknown flavorings could be added upon a mod’s approval


well, there is this The ELR Users Guide to Creating Your Flavor Stash wip as stated by @TorturedZen and is pinned. Also have to remember peps easily wander in from general public before using the forums, even not knowing it exists. All this tho has been discussed to death and is up to the man which part or parts he will implement in his system update plans when his time allows.


If everyone was following that guide then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.


I wouldn’t like to see a already implemented flavor list, because not every person knows about every flavor.

For example, ooo cream (milky undertones) pg was merged one day with the vg version or vice versa, by now it’s back to two separate flavors (I think).F

I don’t know if that happened because mod didn’t know, or users didn’t and flagged as duplicate etc. But we might see more of that if there’s only one specific set flavor and no option, besides writing a ticket to add a other version.

Other issues I could see with stones, unless somebody requests a place holder for their private stones, we wouldn’t be able to add it.

I’m sorry if I make no sense today, being sick all week, I might sound rude or clueless. Just trying to put my 2 cents in lol.


Any suggestions of how to clean up the db and keep it clean? It is a big, big problem as is and will only get worst without doing something.


This is definitely one of the biggest reasons the issue exists. I didn’t know there was a forum for months. All you have to do is register an account and you are free to add whatever you want to the database, if I’m not mistaken. I think the members who use the forum are much less likely to make dupes or other errors, mainly because we see threads like this all the time.

I’m not saying my solution is the best or only one, of course. I’m just thinking - like the rest of you - of how we can get a standard, clean, error free database. Forcing you to choose from a drop down list would help there. As for stones, there could be a drop down along with the vendors for ‘approved community stones’, (or whatever it should be called) as well as a drop down that contains your stash flavors (for ease of quick navigation). I have no issue with keystroke searching as @Pro_Vapes prefers, of course. Just looking for a fool-enough-proof system, and that’s where my mind went first.

I’m thinking, if you want to create a recipe and have some flavors, you already know the vendor and flavor because it’s on the bottle. If you can’t find it, there’d be a form to submit a request for addition or clarification.

*Something I forgot to add about that, @eStorm. As for simply searching the database, there’s no reason to force people into tree structures and drop downs. Keyword searching is fine there, as long as you can’t add anything that way. I would not advocate taking away the ability to search for "strawberry’ when simply hunting for new flavors. I’m talking about specifically adding flavors to a stash or a recipe.

Just a couple pennies on the pile.


I couldn’t have said it better. This is a tremendous site and I have learned so much in my short tenure here and have interacted with some very fine folks and would hate to see any of that change.
There are some great ideas in this thread and in the other threads similar to this discussion i’ve read in the past and I guess until the day arrives when the powers to be see fit to implement any changes we will just have to keep on with what we have. In the end it’s all about the community and helping others learn and more importantly kick that smoking habit!


if that requires publicly pointing out errors in the way someone lists a flavor, fine be it and if it appears rude to the OP they be welcome to leave, grow some internet skin and return.


I made this recipe from the drop down list. This stuff out number the real flavors about 5 to 1.

This is the type of crap that really need to go and until it gets cleaned up it’ll only multiply.

A Big Mess

Ingredient %
2.Wh Choc. 5.00
American Red Bull city 2.00
b orange 6.00
black grape rk 2.00
Brown 4.00
Ciggyjuice 7 berry bomb 2.00
INWDirtyNeutralBase 0.5% 3.00

Flavor total: 24%

Remember to rate it at!

Is it any good? Oh wait, u just made, havent tested but made it public already, kudos! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Guys, this issue has been debated for as long as I’ve been here, probably longer. There are so many layers to the problem that there just won’t be a magic bullet type solution. The only reasonable thing I’ve seen suggested is, over on the calc side the moment a new user places their cursor in the “add a flavor” BEFORE they type a THING to have a pop up directing them to read the pinned guide on selecting the proper flavors. This should not be mandatory but most people want to do things properly and will follow the guide if they know how.

This will not help with people who are convinced that the bottle they’re holding in their hand is the name of the flavor they should enter. I’m thinking mainly of TPA = TFA = Signature = Flavor Apprentice…on and on. Recently, Bullcity had to change the name of Real Flavors Shamrock Shake to “Minty Green Shake” even though the RF site still lists it as Shamrock. Should I change my flavor stash to this new name? No! Will future users enter this new name at some point? YES! You know they will and they should not be made to feel stupid for doing so. The only way to help alleviate this second layer of the problem is to accumulate a list of known duplicates for people to follow.

Another layer is people who make their own flavors, extracts NETs, stones etc. There won’t be any standardized way to label these things aside from the moniker (DIY) or (NET) or (Stone) or anything else you can think of.

Bottom line is, it seems opposite of what DIY is all about, to try and enforce too much restriction on who can add what to the database. We can work together to help newer folks see the advantages of sticking to standardized naming conventions but it shouldn’t be mandatory and they shouldn’t be made to feel stupid for doing something unorthodox. Yes, it’s a mess but freedom is messy.


That’s why the OP deleted his recipes and left.


I guess I’m just kinda simple. If I eat someone that disagrees with me I don’t leave the forum. I just take a couple of Tums and I’m fine.


I didn’t see the comments he (or she) received on his (or her) recipes so maybe things got snippy? Maybe something got heated in PM that none of us knows about? The only thing I can see is the discussion here and if this was enough to send him (or her) scurrying off then they (PC pronoun) probably shouldn’t be on the internet anyway.

All in all I’m sorry this person left. I hope they come back someday.


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