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The encouragement that beginners need, opposed to dictating what they do


Yep. I’ve had many users reply, after I dropped a comment, saying that’s the name on their label! They become irate sometimes. Now you’re fast-forwarded to the proverbial crossroads because you have to decide whether to continue engaging this user and convince them their bottle is labeled wrong and the ELR database is right…or just let it go.
And trust me, after doing this for quite a while, I now just let it go.


Or perhaps they figure it out for themselves. My confusions were my fault. I didn’t follow through on my due diligence simply because I didn’t read enough to know this would be an issue. Like with gear the amount of information is confusing and overwhelming to newbs.


This is part of my earlier point about the manufacturer’s official name and the various vendors’ labels. It might help to rephrase the problem to newer people. Rather than telling them “You’re wrong and your bottle is wrong, I’m right and our data base is right!” Maybe it will be more constructive to frame this as an issue of aliases or “also known as” . Let them know that many of the flavors have multiple, legitimate “right” names but for the sake of keeping order in the data base, we’re trying to unify one flavor under the most commonly used name.

The duplicate checker is useful for those who know how to use it but maybe this concept needs to be more blatant and in your face? Maybe @daath can figure out some kind of pop up window so when people go to add a flavor, it reminds them to use the most common incarnation of a flavor and shows them how to check?


What would be best is official lists with curated additions and free text non database entries for the rest.


@woftam is working on a flavor master list. Perhaps he has plans to add “akas” as a side note to each manufacturer. We know he is RL busy so wouldnt ask anything of him,cheers to all the gathering already done!


Been there, done that. Linked the Guide for them. Explained til blue in the face. Not to sound brash but your advice won’t always work.


No, it won’t always work but “please help us streamline the data base” is going to work a lot more often than “You’re doing it wrong! Change it!”


Wow. Where did I say “You’re doing it wrong! Change it!” anywhere in this thread?? I used the word ‘wrong’ in the context of a mislabeled bottle, so don’t get this twisted and please don’t put words in my mouth.


You don’t need to be so defensive about it, I was only illustrating the contrast of what might get better results.


I’d be defensive too. Trying to help shouldn’t be an issue.

We’re just beating a dead horse as the OP has left and isn’t responding at all… Now is a good time to let that go and focus on the real issue… The flavors database…


Just for reference when helping members learning to use or improperly using the database…


It really works… A users testimonial…


That’s friggin amazing!! Why is this so hard for folks to grasp? Good catch @Pro_Vapes


I did a video tutorial on a fb page i am in on how to add flavours i suggested picking the one with the most recipes this is usually a pretty good hack then i noticed this :slightly_frowning_face:

Correct me if i am wrong but the second one with less recipes is the correct one


This is a perfect example of just one of the multitude in the database. Many of the Shisha’s are this way from Inawera. And yet the other MFR’s with Shisha’s will be listed correctly! I have come across this with many of the flavors in the DB. I honestly think it’s getting worse with the addition of all the smaller companies entering the concentrate market.
What makes me sad about this is the fact that if you want to capitalize on most of the features of ELR you must also use the incorrect one!!


?No. At least all my Inaweras i have entered as (Inawera) not (INW) and they have the older notes from respected mixers.


And that’s cool, respected mixers or not, the flavor itself is still called shisha vanilla and not vanilla shisha. Guess we spelled the company correctly at least :wink:


I didnt even consider how the “shisha” was listed and commented solely for how the Inawera is listed. If u look the listings are commonly done w/ adjectives second. If u think about it that categorizes it easier. For example if u want to see all the vanillas, search vanilla and brings up your list of different ones. There is some order to this madness,usually, sometimes, maybe, I think.