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The encouragement that beginners need, opposed to dictating what they do


It’s possible!


Ok I’m relatively new on elr & have only been vaping for 2& a half years. I have made with help (from elr) a natural sweetener to use instead of Super Sweet(Cap) it’s never been used in a recipe before. I’ve read the guide & have entered every flavour I get properly into my stash. I entered my natural sweetener as Stevia & Monk fruit extracts by (Raw Earth) . When I go to add it into a recipe the name pops up like all the others & I select it but it stops at the(R so it reads Stevia and Monk fruit extracts by(R I think the name is too long or something, I’m not sure but need to use it. Then Tortured Zen is on my case for not adding correct name when I did, but not helping to fix it. Telling me to read the guide is no help I did the right thing & yes this has upset me. I’m not running away though I just want it to get sorted.
Also had a go @ me about sharing a recipe that is amazing but was honest in the comments that it was my 1st time for this exact recipe & had put 7days steep but could be better longer. Loads of people go public with single flavour recipes with mo steep suggested, infact many public recipes don’t have steep times or comments from their creators. Yes I’m unhappy about this but I’m not going anywhere!


So reading this thread it seems u want me to be a sheep that doesn’t use a Natural sweetener bought from a National grocery chain that I’ve had many discussions on the forum about because I don’t have pYure Stevia it can’t be in a public database. I don’t want to use Super sweet(Cap) but do I lie & say that I did just to 'fit in"?


Who’s telling you it shouldn’t be added? That doesn’t sound right. I thought the point was to add stones and such to the DB as long as they followed @Sprkslfly’s new adopted standards? If so then you’d be able to reference the ingredient you used, and everyone could also see that as well. I don’t see why you shouldn’t be allowed to do that. What am I missing?

Oh, and never be a sheep!!! Always forge your own path.


Not sure what that full name is there since it gets cut off and there are 2 listed which cant be read.“stevia and monk fruit extract natural sweetner (Raw Earth)” i would pick as well. perhaps @Sprkslfly can offer assistance here but am sure he’d be glad u tried your best in trying to use the correct one.


Thanks for the encouragement to keep going on


I’ll do just that thanks. I’m the person that added it to the db but as you saw it cuts off


I think if,its your own stone/base then you could name it what you want …


You can call it what you want
What I would suggest is make the stevia mix as a recipe with instructions on how to make it in the notes also link the recipe in any recipe you make that contains it.
Call it something like MadMel’s Stevia Monk (Stone) or something similar

Is only my 2 cents but I fully support the database containing stones (or oneshots whatever you want to call them)


I’ve just now read this (after I replied via PM).
I’m glad you’re powering through it!

If you still have any questions after reading it, I’m at your disposal. :slight_smile:


So because of the recent posts on a 3 month dead thread I just read through this and was just curious if everyone abruptly split off to a new version of this topic or just all decided to call it a day?


I’m a new mixer. Started October. I’ve been on the roller coaster of learning, testing, buying supplies & flavors. Attempting to test flavors & inventory my stash. I admit I’ve had, like many others, feelings of excitement & anxiety. Feeling lost at times & encouraged by others. Tasting new recipes I never thought I’d be interested in. Even tho I know I’ll never be a famous mixer, I’m having a Great Time! Thanks to all the good peeps in the community.
Lovin’ It! Mix on my friends!


That is so amazing to hear. I am glad you are experiencing the major benefits of this group! Vape on friend! And always ask for help if needed. Type pretty much anything vape related in the search bar and revive a thread if needed! :two_hearts: