The Flavor Chasers Chronicles

In an effort to get the most out of my vaping experience and maybe help others improve theirs, I’m starting this thread and hope that you will let us know what you do to get best vape for you. I’ve heard a myriad of ways on how people tweak their devices and liquids to improve it for the ultimate individual vaping experience. So please share your techniques with us in the hope that it will help others.

Me personally, I’m a cloud chaser by proxy. In my search for flavor that satisfies me the most I had to delve down low…low ohms I mean. You ask, how do I know if I’m getting the most flavor I can get. I’ll answer… Nobody is getting the best flavor can get unless they’re drinking there juice. So that’s what I do. First I set the standard to see what’s the best flavor obtainable by tasting my juice from my finger tip. Then I try several builds, wicking, airflow combinations, wattage settings, wire types and juice enhancements. Anybody that know me know that I have spent a Mint on the latest devices, tanks rdas and liquids. I listen to what my peers say when it comes to creating premium ejuice. I’ve put in the time to learn how to build the best coils and I have made every resistance wire type combination available. I’ve used three different cotton types and I can’t see a difference in any of them. I have searched far and wide for the best flavor I can get and I have found it. I’m no longer a flavor chaser… I’m a flavor catcher. In order for me to get the best flavor I can get it starts with building wrapped and twisted Titanium and Ni200 coils below .10 ohms. These type of coils have a wicking effect and burn at uneven temps causing several flavors in the juice to pop at a different times, or all at same time. I’m strictly vaping Temperature Control now and my range is 400 to 550 degrees (depending on my juice). I don’t like a loose air flow, so it’s slightly restricted with a warm to hot dense vapor. From my taste test I feel I’m getting 75 to 80% flavor from my juice. I know the one difference was when I got a properly functioning TC device that allowed me to build and control in the super subohm range. That’s where I find my best flavor.


I have a subtank mini and have tried literally a hundred different coil shapes, sizes, twists, and turns in the rba, but the single one I keep coming back to for flavor is a spaced 5-wrap 28g 2mm micro coil (1ohm) with KGD at 25w. That just seems to be the sweet spot.


Yeah, I just posted this info over in another thread, but thought I would share it here too.

Have had my Subox kit for a few weeks now, and been using the RBA only. I have not used an OCC coil till now, and I went with the .5 ohm coil.

Should have remembered WHY I was hesitant about sub-ohm vaping. I remembered on the first hit, the only juices I have in the house are 24 and 18 mg NIC.

Oooops. . It tasted great, but what a hit … oh well, 3 different vapemails are inbound, with DIY juice stuff, gonna mix up some lower level nic juice.

BTW, been having good luck the flavor with a twisted 30 guage kanthal coil, 1.2 ohm at about 20 watts.

Just a newb still learning, forgeting and learning again … :smile:


An excellent read and great advice for all of us, old and new. I was just thinking about the future of vaping and what it will have to offer. I cant imagine it can get much better but i know who i will be looking to for the latest and best information.

Thanks ND


I hope to get replies for all levels of vaping… There are a lot of hidden secrets to getting good flavor and hopefully they will share some.

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You know how i roll, err, wrap, hehe. Before i got a package from a really great guy i wrapped only singles with 316L at varying resistances depending on juice, driver and RDA.

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More people should look into something other Kanthal. They will be amazed by the flavor improvement. I only use kanthal to wrap Claptons… never as a core or main wire.

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I agree. I havent gotten around to using the titanium wire that i ordered as im saving it for a temp control box. Thing i like most about 316 is that it is lower resistance which means more wire = more surface area= more flavor and by extension more clouds. The ramp up is spectacular too. I do need to get into staged heating tho. These claptons you sent me are awesome. I am stll vaping off the same ones i installed originally, titanium core wrapped with 36g Kanthal. Some of the bet flavor i have had, add that to the Plume and wow.

I have a new RBA version for the STM on the way so i can try some of this wire in it.

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My thought is if you make a spectacular juice than you should vape it on a spectacular build/device. If not you are leaving a lot of flavor in your tank. They should look for all advantages they can. Sometimes it’s a simple as changing the type of wire you have.


Those STMs seems to be a very popular tank. I have to get one and see what the hype is about.

I haven’t taken my stm off my ipv4 in weeks… it may be out of convenience but it also proves to be a solid tank especially with temp control being so finicky to build on sometimes.