The FlavourArt Visit

A PBusardo Video - The FlavourArt Visit - Part 1

Excellent video by PBusardo where he pays a visits to the FlavourArt facility in Italy. Impressive operation they have.
Part One

Part two


Good stuff! Just finished watching it. I was near there recently - I wish I’d had time to visit them :smiley:


Yes I enjoyed that, Mr Busardo is getting better at letting his interviewees do the talking and interjecting at useful edit cuts.
His Japan trip was also very interesting, I think it conveyed well the contrasting corporate cultures at Innokin, Kangertech & Aspire.
I very much like the fact that Busardo seems to have confidence enough in his role as documentarian on this trip to not to be trying to fill space with humour so much.
(I’m not against humour, if I want that I’ll switch on the news ; ]

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a Kraftwerk video, watch some factory vids!


Just added part two of the tour to the first post above.