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The flow of attacks doesn't stop



Big Pharma and FDA is inbreed and corrupt to its core.


When the attacks stop…Then I will start to worry.They are too late in stopping the vape train now.They can try and ban some flavors and try and tax us into oblivion but I feel they will be about as successful as their war on drugs.
The only way the will get my caramel tobacco vape is to pry if from my cold dead fingers.:flushed::crazy_face::rofl:
I think we should start trolling all the social media belonging to the tobacco and pharmaceutical companies with hand checks and e-juice recipes just as our way of saying kiss our ass!:kissing_heart:
Sorry too much caffeine


Seems like Big P has their own favorite flavor. Cash. Mmm… tasty.


They wont get anywhere with it because the FDA already won the war on making the liquid manufacturers pay thousands and thousands to market a single flavor.


I would hate to see as many vapers in jail as there are drug users in jail :open_mouth:


You are also forgetting an entire global industry has blossomed selling nicotine and flavors. They aren’t getting anywhere with it.


I’m not saying they are, it’s just annoying how they keep trying.
It’s those stories that make the news. The stories that vaping is (as good as) completely safe doesn’t make for good headlines in the papers.

Every time another story comes out, I always have to defend vaping to family, friends, passers-by who see me vaping, … Whenever you send an article or even a video from scientists explaining why it’s so much safer than smoking, they get bored and walk away. It’s not juicy enough to keep anyone’s attention except for the people who already vape.


The way I see it… The Chinese would probably bomb them over it. It’s probably about 7% of their economy at this point lol.




We are so far past that its silly. The real war with pharma and big tobacco was about 3-4 years ago. Go look at the wall behind the Walgreens counter. The wall of butts for sale shrunk to nearly nothing and the shelf of vape stuff tripled. The new game for the bastards is taxing it.


Without a doubt!


@Suomynona Seems like an act of desperation at this point, and as mentioned above …

I could see an attack on NIC however…


Nothing will stop the attacks. They’re feeling cornered and have a ton of money and the false belief of the masses that they are trustworthy. Not to mention the buckets of money thrown into political arenas. For me, the best fight is to talk to people honestly when they ask, “what is that?” and be supportive of those that are having a hard time quitting cigs. I have given out a bunch of mods, rdas, juice and info to those that are serious about switching. It’s about as grassroot as I’m gonna get.


1000 Likes , exactly! It works too well to get off the stinkies.Way to many success stories on how well it works and too many people willing to help others quit.
I still say we should troll the hell out of those trying to stop us!:grin:


I’m up for a troll-ride :grinning:


I think they’re too late for taxing as well… maybe on DIY stuff but regular vaping stuff from local shops can already be more expensive than smoking (which is pretty damned expensive already). A little push and people will have another excuse to stick to the stinkies.
They might get in trouble with the department of health, which costs a heck of a lot of money in most countries already. The UK still has one of the best attitudes IMO, although they should drop or weaken their annoying TPD rules and set an example for other countries.


Just saw this on facebook. Recycled and tired. Informative but misleading…the diactyl part makes me laugh.


This article is so flawed from beginning to end I’m not even going to respond to it… straight for the bin :rofl:


I had two different people post it and i couldnt resist commenting hahahahaha