The Game Changer

Hey, y’all @woftam homogenized :wink: my audio so that it doesn’t drop in volume for which I am grateful.
Thanks, Mate


What a great job Dan. Spending all that time and covering everything so thoroughly and thoughtfully was just over the top. I’m at a loss for words except to say thank you very very much. While you covered everything very well I was particularly glad that you showed disassembly and how easily it comes apart and goes back together.

An ultrasonic will cut the time down to minutes but I usually let them set overnight to cool to room temp and “settle” though sometimes test with a dripper. Thank you again.


Nice, man. You make a good point about the USC. No it isn’t mandatory, but it does get the bubbles out in just a few minutes so it’s nice to have.

One thing I noticed- as you were hitting it with the GC, you moved the thing just a little too close to the top of the bottle and it looked like it drew in a little air. That’s something you’ll probably want to avoid; no need to bring air into the mix. Not criticizing, just an observation.

As for settling time, I have been fortunate. After coming out of the USC, it only takes a few minutes for them to cool, then they are ready to go. I’ll probably encounter a few that need a few hours’ settling time but I haven’t yet.

Great review of a great device!


Dan, THREE things.

  1. I couldn’t stop staring at your shirt.
  2. Outstanding boots on the ground review, and in action review.
  3. I haven’t seen you smile that much before !!!

Great review. Much appreciated.


Dude, you’re cooler than the other side of the pillow.


@Dan_the_Man Seeing is one thing, but using it is really just a whole new level of appreciation (and understanding) isn’t it?!

Well done sir!
Your Extracts (MF) and custards/creams love you long time (in a short time)! lol


Thanks heaps for posting, really liked it. I can;t wait for mine.


Fantastic job @Dan_the_Man :ok_hand:I was hoping you would cover a lot more on the technical than I did, brilliant run down and well put together video, loved it :ok_hand: and LOVE the GC :wink::ok_hand::heart: thanks for doing it man


Ya, I was hoping nobody noticed that. I believe that is why it took so long to settle. I was gonna talk about it. How I introduced air but I really was on my last reserves of energy, pain, and just good ole’ “I just don’t want to” but I think I need to address it in the next video.

@SessionDrummer Thanks bro and your right I like this thing a lot and it is worth all the smiles I could muster. :blush: :wink:

It sure is man, it sure is.

Thanks for the comments, my friends. The next one will be different and better I hope.


Sorry if I made you feel bad. I didn’t mean to. I was just making an observation. It was, as always, a great review and I always appreciate you taking the time to create them!


No you didn’t make me feel bad my friend I always appreciate constructive critisism and you only pointed out an obvious mistake and I will address it in my next video. All good bro.


@Dan_the_Man you’re the man great work :+1::v:


Just ran into your new vid on the Gamechanger Dan. Wow. Just Wow. It’d be amazing to be able to vape one of my custards fully steeped in a couple of days rather than a month. This has got me pretty excited. I do have a dremel 3000, I’d think that’s new enough of one to use with it…what do you guys think? Beaucoup Thanks Dan, and especially to Guitarded!


Awesome @Dan_the_Man, Great Review and Video as always!
Good work man :tada:


You are very welcome my friend and I can state that being able to vape my custards the next day is the most awesome thing, ever. I am a bit of a procrastinator and now if I don’t make another custard before the one I’m vaping dissapears I won’t have to vape inferior liquid while I wait because now I don’t have to WAIT!!! How awesome is that?

ya know, I never new beaucoup was an actual word



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beau·​coup | \ ˈbō-(ˌ)kü \

Definition of beaucoup


: great in quantity or amount : MANY, MUCHspent beaucoup dollars