The Geek Vape Nova Kit, Is it worth it?

My friends; I made a video that is under 15min. I am REALLY BAD at keeping my vids down to reasonable watch time. To me, this vid doesn’t have enough info. I need Y’all to HONESTLY tell me what you think of it. Should I just do a vid and not worry about the time and just add time stamps or Should I make an effort to keep them around the 10 to 12 min. mark?

I want to thank you, my friends, in advance, for any and all constructive criticism or even praise. I strive to be better than I was.


I dunno Dan, I’m subscribed to your vids and I find you pretty damned entertaining. Keep them the way they are and don’t worry bout the time. Too bad you probably aren’t in my area, I’d hang out with ya, lol. And I need to mix up your Nougat recipe, sounds pretty good!


Keep ya vids long and in depth, always informative and entertaining.


@Cosmic :blush: You made me blush. Seriously though, thank you for that. Billings, Montana. Too bad I don’t drive Truck anymore, Montana was one of my favorite states. If I’m not mistaken there was a road on top of a ridge where you could look down and see Billings nestled in the valley. I always imagined the Native Americans looking down into the valley or the Settlers deciding it was too beautiful not to build there.

@Skippy_1 Thank you, Sound advice. :wink:


Right on, they call that “The Rims”, its about 400 feet above the valley and runs for about 20 miles or so. Really nice to drive up there and see everything. Can see the Bighorn mountains 60 miles away from there. Great make-out spot for alot of folks, lol. Not a bad place to live. The vaping scene is pretty minimal…even now I rarely see anyone vaping here.


I agree @Dan_the_Man keep them entertaining !!!


Thanks for the review!
Long or short bro! You do you!


I currently can’t watch videos on the phone because I’m having a hard enough time managing my data limits as it is (with pics in general eating SO much bandwidth; 2gb monthly data limit). Forum browsing alone eats the majority of my bandwidth…and I’m already 1.8gb of my monthly allotment, with a week and a half to go yet.

To the point though, I was wanting to suggest that if it’s that strong of a concern, just add timestamps. But the majority probably don’t share my current limitation, and I think it would be a disservice to those who enjoy the content to arbitrarily limit the time spent on making your videos.

Your personality is part of what makes your content. And while yes, people can get annoyed or bored with too much “side content” (off-target fluff/filler), some level of leeway is required for humor and personalization.

Try not to stress so much bud. As said before: you do you! You’ll continue to get better and better as experience accrues.

I try to catch up on the videos I’ve missed every time I get a chance to get on Wi-Fi, but I’ve enjoyed your videos, and don’t see the need for the level of stress you’re assigning to things. :wink:

Just continue to keep doing the best you can, and address the things you think are important to mention. Anything else is “bonus content”.


Ok so I spent about 5 minutes after watching the video thinking about what I would say in response. Do I keep it short and concur with what the others said? Keeping this short wouldn’t add any more perspective or give you what was asked for…so I’ll just be straight up.

The length of your videos should not be such a concern. If it takes you 12, 20 or 75 minutes then so be it. But the length should also be defined by the content.

Stay focused on what the video is about and cover all the bases. TBH all I got from it was that you didn’t like sharp corners and the 510 should have been centered. Which is fine but I was waiting for more details about the mod, like menu navigating, a couple of screen closeups, how well it handles TC etc etc. It seemed like you cut a few corners in favor of keeping the whole thing short.

But the one thing I’ll never be able to do is get in front of a cam and do what you are doing. For that I salute you!
And if I may say one last thing…
Please, please don’t begin the vids by talking “ghetto speak” like some rapper. You’re a middle-aged white boy! LOL
Love ya brother!


Wish I could help you out, but I simply don’t have any idea. Peoples attention spans get smaller every day but if they like what they are watching, they will hang with you to the end of the video. Some folks want entertainment while others want technical detail. Some folks are tantalized by the Jay Haze street cool while others enjoy watching Vaping with Vic Opine. Some like the post modern zen of Oen. All distributors and manufacturers are looking for salesmen and saleswomen.

All the best! Hope you find your niche.


:grin: HAHAHAHA That’s not funny? Huh… I am trying to wrap my brain around this. Not only that but I haven’t looked in a mirror for a very long time now, and you’re right. I am a middle aged white boy and I got phat to boot. (see what I did there?)


@Sprkslfly Thanks bro


As many have already said before me, you do you Daniel! I can’t speak to what everyone else will want to see, but I will continue to watch! But if I had to recommend a change, I would have to agree with @TorturedZen, meaning I too would have liked to see more in depth information about the mod. But I don’t want you to lose yourself and become mundane in your vids…so all in all, I would say more in depth info, keep your personality, and combine it all in a longer video so you don’t have to worry about losing anything…add the timestamps if you must, and when you are editing, you can see what is necessary and what isn’t. As @Sprkslfly said, you will refine your skill as you do more, so stop stressing so much!


@SunnyT and @Sprkslfly Totally not stressin Y’all. Though I do watch videos that are supposed to make you a better youtuber and I also get a… progress report, if you will and it shows that a percentage of people that watch my vids, don’t watch the whole thing. So I decided to ask the people I trust the most about such things and the consensus is. Don’t worry about the length as long as I keep it me and I find that to be good advice. So Thank you, Truly.


I gotta say, I LIKE LIKE it. LIKE I totally LIKE LIKE it. :sweat_smile::yum:

I am curious to know if anybody else will like it, So if you mix it up let know what you think