The great perfume taste mystery

Yah I was thinking that too. Still nothing going bad with the stainless coil. Wow. Let’s see if it holds :crossed_fingers:t2:


Stainless with plastic held up. So now I’ve changed 5e cotton and cleaned out the rda, swapped juices and switched to my last new silicon bottle. If this works it’s either old silicon or I am starting to not like kanthal.


I think I fell out with Kanthol. Several times I finished a build, took a couple of drags, only to start over with SS. I’m not getting perfume taste or contamination that seems to carry over, I just dislike the flavor now. I used it almost exclusively years ago and I didn’t have a problem then.


Well, I am well into the custom Classic mod with 10ml of juice through it. I think I tasted a hint of the issue briefly. Then I switched to stainless and haven’t tasted it again, but I’ve also now switched to the new silicon bottle.

The place where I am now is - new bottle , stainless coil, custom classic mod, gp dripper. Next I’ll likely try a different dripper that i used much more in the past - if that holds I’ll transfer the setup to the boxer mod.

If the boxer tastes weird and then the setup retains that weird on another mod- I will assume something with the boxer design is applying electricity through the silicon bottles and ruining them. If it all holds, it’s either old silicon or sensitivity to kanthal in a bottom feed setup (which I find unlikely as there’s no issue when I drip)

Thanks all!

The positive is progress- and a currently working bottom feed setup while ruling out a few things. Or starting to!